Wordpress hosting and Web hosting Difference ?

WordPress hosting and Web hosting Difference ?

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30 thoughts on “WordPress hosting and Web hosting Difference ?

  1. Web hosting and WordPress hosting are completely different things!
    How can you say this, I'm amazed!
    Dislike for the video!

  2. Hi Ankush, Might be they want to rank their website by using WordPress hosting and Web hosting keywords for their SEO purpose. Anyway thanks for this video.

  3. Good one but you just selling siteground in your video like many other Indian YTbers. I can see the referral link. Also, Siteground is very expensive in the Indian pricing perspective. You have Bigrock, Hostinger, bluehost in cheap pricing. Siteground providing heavy referrals and so you guys are referring to it.

  4. hi sir from two month im trying to buy domain and hosting im fully confused where to take and how it go na work can you help me out

  5. Sir resellers hosting buy kaise kare. Pro and con plz top 10 resellers hosting sites. How web developer choose resellers hosting.

  6. Mr. Ankush, Recently i have created a website in WIX platform which is not yet hosted. I found few other hosting company offer cheaper price than wix. Can i host it other platform than wix? If yes, than how could i upgrade my website in future? After hosting with other company, can it be possible to upgrade using wix dashboard? Thanks in advance.

  7. Hi Ankush, You are help me.
    I have one question for you. can you show siteground web hosting panel for helping us how to use siteground panel.
    Your next youtube video.

  8. Thank You : ) …. Muze Bhi Bohot Confusion that In Between These 2 Hosting..Hopefully You Cleared all My Doubts. Thanks Again : )

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