21 thoughts on “Why I DUMPED Namecheap Private Email Hosting | Switching to G Suite

  1. I made a tutorial on migrating from Namecheap Private Email hosting to G Suite! You can find it unlisted here: https://youtu.be/Cwdu6Ts2aqM

  2. Namecheap are fucking thieves, I live in UK and I have never visited namecheap before and I didn't made an account there, somehow they got my card details and took £13 pounds from me TWICE, I do not know how they did it but I saw black on white NAMECHEAP TOOK MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT

  3. Just out of curioisity, what really justified the adoption of all this security? Did anything really happen to you? I’m just curious to know what really happens in real life to your online stuff.

  4. Google is not FREE. Read carefully the agreement first, they collect all you data including attachments, and sell those to the third party, thus you can't call it "FREE" because it is obviously not.
    If you are not aware of the payment method where participants in a transaction directly exchange goods or services for other goods or services without using a medium of exchange, such as money, here you go https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barter

  5. Yeah, but your password is sent encrypted, anyway. You lock your device when you're not using it. So, what's the problem?

  6. If i buy domain from namecheap but i redirect my domain to my host somewhere else like a2hosting or siteground, which email hosting will apply to my domain? The one that domain provider is introducing or the one that host provider is offering?

  7. Namecheap Private Business Email says it supports 2FA. Have they implemented this in the two months since you uploaded this video?

  8. Do you still use Mailbird as your email client? When I followed your Youtube video about Namecheap last year you were saying you went with Mailbird because you liked it better and it's free. It's not free anymore so I was just curious if you went with another client, especially now that you switched to Gsuite. Thanks, I love all your content!!!

  9. I have a question! What's the best email client for Android Users? Also I've tried installing SparkMail but It says "Cannot install SparkMail"

  10. I just viewed the video where you suggested to go for namecheap and i just purchased now and here i see this video on my youtube home 🙂

  11. You said you don’t check your mail through gmail interfacing… What is an email client?
    Also, for the many people that use gmail for free, are we technically doomed?

  12. I listen carefully about what you say Craylor.. as i know you are credible. Thank you for sharing informative and honest, experienced-type reviews. 😍

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