Where to Find Nameservers in GoDaddy Hosting

Where to Find Nameservers in GoDaddy Hosting

I’ll show you how to find the nameservers in GoDaddy Hosting.

I’m not going to show you how to change them, but how to find your hosting’s nameservers so that you can point your domain to GoDaddy from other domain registrars, like NameCheap.

Alright, for most hosting providers like GoDaddy and SiteGround, the name server changes depending on hosting plan and domain name.

First, I will take you through step-by-step on how to add the new domain that you bought from another domain registrar which doesn’t exist in GoDaddy yet.

If you already have the domain or addon domain installed in GoDaddy, you can skip to about 01:20 in this video.

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8 thoughts on “Where to Find Nameservers in GoDaddy Hosting

  1. update: Another way to Find out Godaddy Nameservers is to contact their customer support. Thats the only thing that worked for me, after their scammy interface was not displaying the domain page, and just kept saying "error"

  2. godaddy scammy bastards, hiding name servers so poeple transfer their domains to them for more renewal earnings.

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