39 thoughts on “What the heck is a GAMING SERVER??

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  2. I’ve been using Shadow for a year, and it’s the best cloud gaming solution out there. The video quality is indistinguishable from a local pc. But it comes with a lot of technical issues and jank. The latency is very good, but not still not enough for competitive multiplayer. They have also drug their feet on upgrading their hardware, and the CPU is a big bottleneck in certain games.

  3. nice video sir i like and subscribe your channel ..sir i have a problem please can you solve ? i have a mobile game name is LUDOKING its only 50 mb small size game for play with family its about 1-6 number come in dice randomly..i can hack dice with old version even with online and offline both time i hack dice number by own wish 1 to 6 number and i get it by hack by Gameguardian hack tool ..company now update new version and close old version to use for us people but in this new version i cant hack with online player own dice number ..only work hack with computer offline player bcoz out any security maybe. but still i know only how to start old version of this ludoking game apps until.. .now nobody can use this old version of ludo king 2.4… but now i can use even old version too …. but company disconnect old version server from that new version ..then when we try to play with old version 2.4 and try join friend room code and play with online friend from new version player who play online ..its message come ..this room code version mismatch bcoz u use old server ..so can you try to edit server location or code in old version apps ? bcoz if old version apps again connect to now new version server then i can hack easy again even with online multiplayer or play with online friend by room code joining ok
    ..its our family best game and we all friend play .i can give you money if you want .500-800 usd dollar ..even its a free game and not about cash game ..just for our family enjoy ..please help me
    if you want see how to look like this game play and how to hack dice number i show you a hacking video just for example …..https://youtu.be/Z_XkjTk0RAc

  4. can you build a Diskless Pc Server because I can't find it anywhere in youtube with a nice specs

  5. Love my shadow can’t afford a gaming computer so running an older toshiba satellite with win 10 and shadow best I can do but my latency is around 40 most the time lol 😅😓 sad but what can ya do

  6. Do you know how work World of Warcraft,diablo & other server games have been working for almost 20 years???

  7. that is so cool. my only experience with remote gaming is with PS now, which is total shit at the moment. looks like this doesn't even compare.

  8. This video title is awful. I skipped it when it came out because I thought he was just talking about gaming servers like a csgo server. I would have clicked if I had known it was cloud gaming

  9. Surely you could have asked Shadow what you need to plug into the back to run it without ripping it apart like that.

  10. I'd be interested to see how well star citizen runs on this. I'm actually surprised that you're not using star citizen to try out how well everything works, it's like the new "can it run crysis"

  11. me scared because of past experiences of linus dropping things, and he put it vertically so im even more scared.

  12. Here is a question. I ran a lan party in my house hosting up to 25 people at a time up until march of 2020. Obviously due to covid, we cant stuff 25 people into one room for a frag fest anymore. Would it be possible to use the 7 gamers one cpu style build for remote access?? Essentially, could I build my own shadow gaming server at home for use to reenable lan parties??

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