What is Windows Virtual Desktop?

What is Windows Virtual Desktop?

On this show, we’ll take a closer look at Windows Virtual Desktop, now in public preview. See how you can give your users the only Windows 10 multi-session experience virtualized in the cloud and available on any device. Scott Manchester demonstrates how WVD delivers the best Office experience with multi-session virtual scenarios that virtualize persistent storage in a multi-session environment. Keep watching for a sneak peak of the next generation admin experience for WVD in the Microsoft Azure portal.

To sign up for the Windows Virtual Desktop preview, go to:

21 thoughts on “What is Windows Virtual Desktop?

  1. This is very interesting, I cannot wait until we start using this. I have a client that is currently using Citrix VDI and it's nothing but problems. This VDI experience looks seamless and offers a much better experience. This needs to be utilized more since we are now in an environment where most people are not going to work in an office.

  2. I have no idea what the heck is this… but if I press Win+Ctrl+D it loads new "virtual desktop"… which is doing what exactly??? 😀

  3. Just wow! :O Forget T-series and Pewd – subscribe to MS Mechanics! 😀
    On a more serious note. Love to finally see mouse+pointer support on iOS VD! I was so disappointed when got my first iPad and it turned out I couldn't use RDS with any kind of mouse.
    Looking forward to hands on labs 🙂

  4. Learn more about Windows Virtual Desktop today at The Azure Academy – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtx3rippZJQ

  5. That Samsung DeX experience is incredible! Can't wait for the same experience in Android's upcoming Desktop Mode.

  6. So, this is like Desktop Streaming? Everything works on the cloud and user just receives data as a streaming object?

  7. This is awesome guys! You are WAY underselling this… This changes everything. You should be shouting this from the mountain tops!

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