what is web hosting? (web hosting explained)

what is web hosting? (web hosting explained)

What is Web Hosting or site hosting? In this video, I am not only going to explain web hosting but all the concepts about hosting in itself because I want to make this a complete web hosting tutorial for beginners and advanced hence leaving no stone unturned about web hosting for you as a webmaster or a business person interested in starting a web hosting business which is one of the many ways to make money online.

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Let’s get started with the basics.Web Hosting is basically where your website lives on the internet, this can be referred to as the home of your website. You might be thinking, Why can’t I host my website on my local computer, that is a very valid question but if you do that, your computer needs to be powered and online round the clock for your website to be online 247, you might also have to dedicate a computer for this purpose alone so you do not tamper with the process and cause downtime. You also need to invest in software for security and so on. This is exactly what a hosting service is and if you decide to do it yourself, the out of pocket price will be astronomical in the long run hence the need to buy a hosting service from a reputable web hosting service like bluehost because web hosting is their business and they have already invested in all these infrastructure so they can afford to take a smaller fee from thousands if not millions of customers. From the explanation above, hosting is a network infrastructure or a computer designed to keep your website available round the clock online.
Different type of hostings include Shared hosting which is the most popular, others are Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers and Cloud Hosting
Shared hosting is basically a type of web hosting where multiple websites utilize a single physical server. Users are assigned a portion or should i say size of this server to host their website files. Hundreds of users can have their websites hosted on this all at once with access to features like disc space, monthly traffic, databases, email accounts, FTP accounts and other services that may be offered by the hosting company. Resources just like in a public transport is shared by customers with a person getting a percentage of CPU, RAM, Mail server etc. people who require more can pay extra. Shared hosting is the hosting that offers the most cost effective web hosting option out there, it is suitable for small websites like a blog but it is not recommended for high traffic or large websites like an ecommerce store. Large traffic websites should be hosted on Cloud, Dedicated or VPS hosting Solutions

Web hosting basically starts with a server which is usually a powerful computer built for web hosting purposes and fitted with multi million dollar options like RAMs, CPUs and kept in a highly secured location called datacenters.

This is necessary for websites to be available on a 247 basis, however good web hosts like bluehost offer a 99.99% uptime in a period of 1 year. I did a detailed review on the pros and cons of bluehost here

Web hostings are usually advertised in terms of bandwidth and Disk space

Bandwidth is basically the amount of traffic a web host package can handle over a period of time, this means that if you expect more traffic then you should go for a package with higher bandwith but hosts like Bluehost and siteground which i consider the best web hosting allows you to upgrade as the need arises.

Disk space on the other hand is basically the amount of space allocated to you by the hosting companies to keep or save your website files like codes, pictures, videos and others.

CPanel or Control panel provides a user friendly interface that is used to manage your web hosting. Every web host comes with a CPanel interface as it is the most common, very popular and easy to use. It allows you to manage your custom emails, Databases, Install Apps, Manage domains and subdomains, and so much more.

Building your website has also become very easy as most web hosts come with website builders designed to allow non technical people build websites by just pointing and clicking with premade templates.

I sincerely hope I have been able to help you answer the question what is web hosting, which is what I set out to do in this web hosting tutorial for beginners.
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  3. Gameplay KV
    Your explanation about web hosting is very complete and clear. I know about blue host before, but other web hostings are not too familiar for meThanks bro

  4. Your explanation about web hosting is very complete and clear. I know about blue host before, but other web hostings are not too familiar for me

  5. Excellent video. I've been working online for over 15 years and never really considered the differences between web hosting services (shared hosting, reseller hosting, etc.). I've also thought about using Bluehost on a number of occasions, but never took the plunge. I currently use blogger to host my site – I purchased the domain name through Godaddy. But after watching your video, I'm seriously thinking about moving my site (blog) to Bluehost. Thanks for the information!

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