What is "The Cloud" as Fast As Possible

What is "The Cloud" as Fast As Possible

The Cloud is a term that gets thrown around a lot, but most people don’t have an entirely clear understanding of what it is!

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40 thoughts on “What is "The Cloud" as Fast As Possible

  1. I wonder how many times he had to reach down and "silence" his phone(s) in both his pockets. Watch closely, you can tell that is what he is doing. LOL

  2. isn't cloud just what makes a thunderstorm? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVKEM4K8J8A&t=6520s (my study video hahahaha)

  3. You idoit… just say it's a server farm, it's a group of servers in a huge storage building which consumes much water and power to keep it from going up in a melting fireball. That's a cloud asshole.

  4. Online storage should never be connected with Cloud computing in the eyes of regular consumers..
    I mean, why would we consumers be bothered by "Cloud thing" if it could be called Dropbox, internet storage…
    I mean, who cares if the mold for my mass produced car was made by Zimmerman FZ33 or blades of the jets engine manufactured by this and that machine?!
    We could easily pass through not knowing it.. They were too agresive with marketing.. Maybe no damage was done but don't know..
    Cloud gaming is a different thing and one of the real potentials of Cloud..
    Fair well dear friend, you'll be missed.

  5. changes to a website actually take longer to appear in the cloud vs hosting a local web server. I don't know why would imply that this is a feature unique or better implemented in cloud computing when it is not. there are exceptions to the rule however if the cloud is compiling, installing, and running web application services but I do not think that was explained or a common use case for the beginners watching your video.

  6. Cloud gaming looks good !

    Imagine all the AAA titles on cloud gaming for 19.99$ a month. 🎅🏼

    No PS no Xbox just pure gaming!! 💀

  7. Very good video. Good job. I would love a private Cloud video. Can you predict the quality of service in a cloud based infrastructure compared to a legacy infrastructure? THank you!

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