What is The Cloud? A Basic Overview | Mashable Explains

What is The Cloud? A Basic Overview | Mashable Explains

Remember when you used a floppy disk to store your data? Nowadays, we have the cloud. So how does cloud storage work exactly, and where does all of our stuff go?

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21 thoughts on “What is The Cloud? A Basic Overview | Mashable Explains

  1. Just keep updating everyone with simple things, like the cloud, VPN's, Coding, the infrastructure of the tech industry, 4g, 5g, bandwidth, Cellphones and radiation, cellphone battery life and apps….. there I tossed in some. Explain some of these. Basic concepts that quite a few ppl who are in business fully digital, but still don't understand any of this. I have my BS In Computer Science so I love seeing someone educate people on such topics. Makes it so I have a better chance of helping clients who know a little more because maybe they saw one of your videos. Good work.

  2. I love how you make it colorful and fun with the music and humor. As someone in STEM I get SO tired of all the dry explanation videos that involve some person and a white board. Science can be fun and creative too! Thank you for this video!

  3. So the cloud is uploading your stuff to some entities storage and those entities can very much see your stuff.

  4. What else can you use the cloud for? I want to start a business where I use the cloud for something other then storage but I have no ideas

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