What is Cloud SQL?

What is Cloud SQL?

What is Cloud SQL? How do I set it up? How do I migrate my existing MySQL database to Cloud SQL? Will my data be safe? How much does it cost? Learn all about fully managed relational database, Cloud SQL!

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12 thoughts on “What is Cloud SQL?

  1. I setup a demo cloud sql DB and tried connecting to it via public ip but it failed to connect, maybe the reason being that the domain is using cloudflare DNS, is there a wat to connect to cloud sql if the domain DNS is manged by cloudflare?

  2. I'm even planning Google Drive to make it as a database for my mere blog site. I can't afford to rent because I'm poor. Finding says with creativity.

  3. Hi,which cloud hosting is best? Actually want to buy siteground cloud hosting but it's price too much high 🤦🏻‍♂️ & hostinger offer now very cheap cloud hosting,so which is good please suggest me 🛡️❣️

  4. Google: we have the machines that never die
    We: ok let phost some DBMS for us, how shall u name that service?
    Google: Cloud SQL

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