What Is Cloud Computing (Computing As A Utility)

What Is Cloud Computing (Computing As A Utility)

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This video is the tenth in a multi-part series discussing computing. In this video, we’ll be discussing what cloud computing is and the fundamental change it brings in how we view and think about computing.

[0:27-2:19] Starting off we’ll discuss, the revolution the cloud computing paradigm, computing as a utility, brings to the field of computing, and similar transformations seen when electricity became a utility.

[2:19-5:24] Following that we’ll discuss, what exactly cloud computing is and the types of cloud computing: Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS), Platform As A Service (PaaS) and Software As A Service (SaaS) further extending to serverless architecture, Functions As A Service (FaaS).

[5:24-10:05] To conclude we’ll discuss, the benefits cloud computing will bring in terms of the impact on business and startups as well as the impact of cloud services and serverless architecture on us, the consumers. We will also discuss the evolution of cloud computing, extending to fog computing and edge computing!

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42 thoughts on “What Is Cloud Computing (Computing As A Utility)

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  2. Please make a video about current developments in High Performance Computing, including hardware and software programming models.

  3. I am currently building a website for a nonprofit with very limited funds. There is no doubt that it would be absolutely impossible without AWS

  4. This video is exactly what i needed to understand the basics, thank you so much and I am now a subscriber to your channel!!

  5. Hi, thanks for offering this video, but in future episodes please speak slower, and eliminate the background music as it makes understanding harder.

  6. I really love the content. However, I have to decrease the speed when I would like to use your beautiful video in my English class. I hope you can slower your talking pace. But, I really love your video content, plot and animation. Compact and straight-forward.

  7. This is good information, and interesting, but once you really notice the constant "swooshing" and "popping" of things onto the screen, then it gets annoying very quickly, and it's hard to concentrate on anything else.

  8. With operating systems and processing being done online it makes upgrading way easier. What if I owned a cloud of components like graphics card, or basic processor, high speed processor, regular graphics card, virtual reality graphics card, The computer is basically virtual from a normal persons point of view. Computers at home would just be display screens with a Lifi connection. Maybe they could work on New products then like VR rooms, higher resolution screens, Augmented reality glasses. You could buy packages like apps for your virtual computer, like when you buy a movie on Google play store. Computers could be like a utility like electricity, rather than needing to keep wasting so much time on getting new hardware to many customers we can just update the software on virtual computer maybe for a price, This would be way better hopefully with 5G its going to happen,

  9. There will never be a serverless future. The cloud is built around IOT connectivity. The fog you refer to is just a subset of many computers also connected to the net. That is what the cloud is. When you connect to me, I become the host. My device effectively becomes a server. The principle applies to all devices on the web, corporate or end user. It does not matter.
    People think of servers as giant racks, but they can be in any shape or size.


  10. Fantastic quality video, but that monotone voice brings down the quality.
    I had to focus on the subtitles, which took away from the visual presentation. And since I'm a visual learner, that was a bit of a let down :

  11. I understand fine, no need to change a thing. On the playlist it lists the 11th video as private, is there a subscriber option to view new videos?

  12. great videos. I just watched this whole series (half your videos) over the last few hours. Even with the many video clips thrown together, the quality of your uploads is way better than most of the documentaries on tv or elsewhere. I'd mention a bunch of topic requests, but the list would probably be too long to be practical.

    Maybe a video going over general trends/future predictions in computer technologies including nanotechnology, robotics, mobile, transportation, weaponry/military systems, 3D printing, cryptology/security, *nix, computer science/mathematics, etc.

    In any case, keep up the great work.

  13. I dont know why people complain about his voice?? His speech is entirely understandable. In any case there are captions.. If the auto-generated ones arent good enough I could make some myself

  14. Donate to his patreon guys he deserve at least 800k subscriber help him if you can. The amount of work vs the amount of money he get from the video must not be crazy but I believe it is high quality content. I don't think that he can invest much into ads to popularise the channel but he'd deserve more attention. Too much workload can affect video quality, something that I'd guess he don't want to. This is all my speculation but in any case I think he deserve that patreon sign up that is if you are in a situation where you can afford it, that'd help the channel to grow a lot.

  15. Great stuff man. Just got done watching all your videos. You got a new sub. Can’t wait to see more of your work. Your delivery is 100% on point. Love it and will be back for all future videos!

  16. Love your videos! Can't believe how small the channel is! Just keep up the good work and I'm sure this will become a large channel!

  17. I enjoy your videos very much. I know you cover topics about current and future computing technologies but i was thinking would you be doing some hypothetical sci-fi concepts like matrioshka brain or using a celestial body computer? Or limits of computation? Just a thought.
    Kind regards, keep up the good work

  18. Hi great video, you channel is super undersubscribed, cant wait for the IoT series, will you be touching on IOTA in that? They are doing great work in fog computing, digital id and data as a service

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