What is AWS Amplify

What is AWS Amplify

A shout out to our sponsor of this this video, AWS Amplify.
AWS Amplify is a product by amazon to simplify the process of Amazon applications and it’s usage in various platforms like Android, iOS and web. The AWS Amplify Console is a continuous delivery and hosting service for modern web applications. The AWS Amplify Console simplifies the deployment of your application front end and backend. Connect to your code repository and your front end and backend are deployed in a single workflow, on every code commit.

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46 thoughts on “What is AWS Amplify

  1. No demo, and not its still not clear what Amplify is or does. Too much focus on AWS and the credit card problem, and not much about AWS Amplify.

  2. Hi Hitesh,
    I am a big fan of your teaching and I follows each and every tutorials of yours. Similarly when I wanted know about AWS amplify I thought of checking this video.

    I have worked extensively on Firebase and their major services like authentication, firestore etc and I like it very much.recently started checking out AWS and started with serverless from that I came across dynamodb And if I compare it with the firestore I feel firestore has more potential and more power then dynamodb. I might be wrong as this is just my first impression on dynamodb. Even the documentation of dynamodb version is from 2012 and in the other hand firestore is getting updated at drastic pace.

    What do you feel about the dynamo and firestore dB?

  3. @Hitesh Choudhary I am using AWS amplify to host my personal single page website but I got charged around $8-10 per month, do you know why? Also do you have any recommendations on which product should I use to host my single-page website. Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi Hitesh, I don't know whether you will look into my comments or not, but I really need a proper tutorial of aws-amplify with Angular or Ionic. Will you please bring a proper tutorial for that?

  5. Use Airtel sim, they give virtual credit card. I used Airtel credit card. I am a student. Thanks Airtel for my career support

  6. I am using AWS since last 3 year from SBI Visa Debit Card, I don't know why everyone is crying for credit cards!

  7. Hello , please help me below doubt ?
    1. Which one requires more coding devops or machine learning ??
    2. Which has and will remain a better pay scale in industry ??
    3. Which is better in cloud computing aws or azure ? Does it require coding and all ???

    I am having 10 years exp in mainframe and fully stuck with growth and pay scale. Let me know which side I should move on. I can develop intrest in both. Once I get clear picture.

  8. So you didn't tell anything about AWS Amplify. All you talk about is AWS and credit card requirements. Wasted my 10 minutes.

  9. +like , for mentioning the credit card issue, that is so true, a lot of people just take step back when they see only way to access aws is to give credit/debit info. a lot if people simply don't have one specially students. They won't go apply for credit card just to use aws, they simply will use other service provider instead of aws, despite been wanted to use aws.

  10. I'm a flutter mobile application developer, how can I use AWS amlify or AWS services.
    What will you suggest me to go for?

  11. great vid. but i for a minute i thought you were saying "big nerds", but you were saying "beginners". haha!

  12. You point out very important point of a credit card. I don't have credit neither in my family so how I can get hands on experience of AWS.

  13. If AWS would like to stay like Apple ecosystem be a guest and continue.. but if it would like to reach every individual who is learning how to program.. how to provide solutions.. what's the right and bright way of technical solutions then they have to come out of that stupid, good for nothing and lame idea of asking for CC.

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