29 thoughts on “What is AWS ? Amazon Cloud Services Tutorial | javatechie

  1. Hi, Before finish one year, my AWS account has been suspended. They said i should pay $64 for re-activate account. please give me advise 🙂

  2. Whenever I get confuse on any topic..java techie help
    me to find the things in correct way..keep creating such videos.

  3. Hi basan,after one year when free trial for AWS will over ,will it charge automatically?
    How can we deactivate our AWS account?
    Does it send any notification when free trial will over?

  4. More eager to see your videos, what the hell is going on my mind. You make me crazy about your tutorial. Thanks bro, keep it up. me too waiting for more videos about aws. Java techie rocks…

  5. Sir can you do the real time project from end to end deeply with minimum of 10 sessions with one hour with present industry technologies and tools

    Please sir do these sir

    If you do these that's really very helpful to students sir and job getting also really very easy

    Because every one is asking about explain the project and where you used and what you used

    Please do sir
    Please do

  6. hii vasant, you are very good tutor. I have completed angular from your channel, and now I am learning microservices. Pls upload more and more videos. One day your video would be on trending.

  7. I am looking for AWS material, you are about to start series on same, that definitely going to help me to understand from scratch.thank you so much, keep it up good work.

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