44 thoughts on “What is a VPS or Virtual Private Server?

  1. Can you run different os' on a shared hosting server? I'm guessing no, but its a little confusing when you specifically state that you can't have more than one os on a dedicated server and don't mention the os configuration on a shared server. By making specific reference to it when discussing a dedicated server it suggests you can have different os' on a shared server but that doesn't really make any sense.

  2. can we use a VPs as virtual machine to login to amazon showing a USA ip adresse when logging to amazon from a restricted country?

  3. Contabo vs. DigitalOcean | Which to choose? | Honest VPS Review with Cupon: https://vpsreview365.blogspot.com/2020/10/ContaboDigitalOcean.html

  4. Very interesting. No I know that there's a name for what I was doing here in New Zealand in host software the very early days of the Net–1984 (MicroNet). I just called it multiple soft machines running in a physical machine. But VPS is much shorter…

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  6. Is a VPS used for VPN services because I get my wifi hit offline a lot and I’m wondering if an OVH can be used for a VPN

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  8. I love the way how simple and clear your explanations are!!! I am a complete illiterate when it comes to web hosting but now I feel like I have the key. Thank you.

  9. what this nonsense. when we eager to know the subject, these admin plays with baby voice. stop this nonsence

  10. Can i ask what factor effect the speed of the VPS ? Is it the internet speed the most important, what is the ideal internet speed to operate a VPS ?

  11. is VPS is the right solution if I want a high-performance machine for video editing and 3d design?

  12. Very good explanation of what cloud hosting and vps is. Very good adviser especially for people new to web hosting.Thanks.

  13. Thanks alot for the information! I'm currently thinking about studying Cloud Engineering, so I love new information 😀

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