Welcome to Google Cloud Platform - the Essentials of GCP

Welcome to Google Cloud Platform – the Essentials of GCP

Welcome to Google Cloud Platform! GCP can be overwhelming at first, but we’ll help you get started in this video. Leave any questions you have in the comments below!

As you progress through your discovery of GCP, keep in mind those key resources :
Documentation –
In-depth tutorials –
Support –
Training –
Free Codelabs –
Qwiklabs –

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37 thoughts on “Welcome to Google Cloud Platform – the Essentials of GCP

  1. Almost 2 years on… Less than 1/4kk views. Made by the owners of YouTube… What am I missing? I think I should delete my bank infos before I regret ever trying this.

  2. Didn't find any of that to be helpful or informative. I'm just looking to host a my already existing website. I need a beginner's guide on how to do so.

  3. Can you help me. Now I'm stuck auto payment option. How can I set autopayment to manuel payment option. want to cancel auto payment.

  4. So, GCP essential videos is more fundamental for beginners compared with in-depth tutorials? What is your recommend study path?

  5. I've started my journey learning GCP here, please let me know the right resources to get learning interesting and then get certified

  6. From big data and cloud computing which is best to learn as a beginer ? And for high unexpected future requirements ??

  7. Nice video – shared it to my Computer Science coursemates! Nice t-shirt btw, where can I get some GCP stash??

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