WebPages MCQ For HPSSC JOA IT Examination

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WebPages MCQ For HPSSC JOA IT Exam

 1. Web site is a group of

a) HTML paperwork

b) Graphic information

c) Audio and video information

d) All of those

2. A _____ is the best type of web site, wherein the location‘s content material is delivered with out the usage of server aspect processing.

a) Dynamic Web site

b) E-Commerce Web site

c) Static web site

d) Social Networking Web site

3. WordPress might be referred to as as ______.

a) Content material Supervisor of Web site

b) Static Web site

c) Dynamic Web site

d) E-Commerce Web site

4. Which of the next web site sort is used to create stunning animation?

a) Dynamic

b) E-Commerce

c) Static

d) Flash

5. Flash is proprietary software program developed by ______.

a) Yahoo

b) Macromedia

c) Google

d) Sencha

6. Web site used to promote and purchase one thing are categorized beneath _____.

a) Search engine 

b) Social Networking

c) E-Commerce Web site

 d) Leisure Websites

7. Which of the next is instance of micro running a blog?

a) Fb

 b) Twitter

c) Orkut 

d) Google+

8. Which of the next shouldn’t be used as running a blog platform?

a) WordPress

 b) TypePad

c) Pinterest 

d) Blogger

9. ______ packages are routinely loaded and operates as part of browser.

a) Add-ons

b) Utilities

c) Widgets

d) Plug-ins

10. Which of the next language is used to write down animation and video games in browser?


 b) C Programming 

c) Java 

d) None of those

11. ______ packages routinely connects to websites and obtain paperwork and save them to native drive.

a) Net Downloading Utilities 

b) Offline Browsers

c) Net Servers 

d) None of those

12. What’s a CMS in net design

a) Content material Administration System

b) Inventive Administration System

c) Content material Mixing System

d) Inventive Managerial System

13. Which of the next statements is fake

a) You may make a web site with out utilizing HTML

b) You may make a web site with out utilizing PHP

c) You may make a web site with out CSS

d) You may make a web site with out utilizing JavaScript

14. What does CSS stand for_____

a) Present type sheets

b) Present Sheets type

c) Cascading Model Sheets

d) Cascading Sheets Model

15. What’s WordPress?

a) It’s a software program used to press textual content

b) It’s a textual content formatting software program

c) It’s a CMS (Content material Administration System)

d) It’s mail service

16. SQL stands for

a) Structured Question language

b) Statistical Question Language

c) Superior Questions Lot

d) Normal Question Lot

17. Which of the next is true about JavaScript?

a) It’s a server aspect scripting language

b) It’s consumer aspect scripting language

c) It’s a Software program

d) It’s a database

18. Which of the next is true about PHP

a) It’s a server aspect scripting language

b) It’s consumer aspect scripting language

c) It’s a Software program

d) It’s a database

19. Which of the next is true?

a) You want a server to host your web site information

b) You don‘t want a server to host your web site information

c) You’ll be able to create a web site with out utilizing HTML

d) You’ll be able to‘t create a web site and not using a CMS

20. Which of the next software program might be used to construct a web site?

a) PowerPoint

b) Excel

c) Dream Weaver

d) ERP

21. Which of the next shouldn’t be a CMS

a) WordPress

b) Drupal

c) Magneto

d) SAP

22. Which of the next shouldn’t be a webhosting firm

a) Hostgator 

b) Blue Host

c) WPX Internet hosting

 d) Fb

23. Which of the next statements is true?

a) The online designer shouldn‘t simply be involved in regards to the seems to be but additionally about consumer interface

b) Usability is essential in net design

c) A and B

d) None of those

24. Websites like fb, twitter and so forth come beneath the scope of?

a) Electronic mail platform 

b) Chat rooms

c) Engines like google 

d) Social networking

25. A _____ is a doc generally written and is accessible via the web or different community utilizing a browser?

a) Accounts

b) Knowledge

c) Net web page

d) Search engine

26. The pages that would not be modified are referred to as _____?

a) Static

b) Dynamic

c) Immovable

d) None of those

27. The characteristic of dynamic pages is that?

a) The can’t be modified

 b) The might be modified

c) Each A and B 

d) None of those

28. When visiting unprotected web sites, the lock icon is proven with ______ .

(a) purple X to indicate unsafe connection

(b) Inexperienced tick to indicate protected connection

(c) each a and b

(d) none of them

29. Clicking on hyperlinks from untrusted search engines like google would possibly take an harmless consumer to ______.

(a) video sharing web sites

(b) audio streaming websites

(c) social media web sites

(d) hackers website online which extracts login ID and password

30. Many of the social media web sites require ______ as consumer ID.

(a) Postal code

(b) PAN quantity

(c) e mail tackle

(d) Aadhar ID quantity

31. WordPress information must be copied to ______ to start out creating a web site.

(a) Paperwork

(b) root listing of the online server

(c) Downloads

(d) Footage

32. The First web page that you just usually view at a Web site is its:

a) Residence web page 

b) Grasp web page

c) First web page 

d) None of those

33. HTML is used to create

a) machine language program

b) excessive degree program

c) Net web page

d) net server

34. Transferring from one web site to a different is known as:

a) Downloading

b) Searching

c) Importing

d) Attachment

35. An online tackle can also be referred to as a _____

a) URL

 b) ULR

c) RLU 

d) LUR

36. Amazon is a finest instance of ____ web site.

a) E-Commerce

b) Running a blog

c) Social Networking

d) Leisure

37. Web sites used for constructing community with mates and family is known as as ______.

a) E-Commerce

b) Internet Banking

c) Running a blog

d) Social Networking

38. Google is an instance of _____

a) Search Engine

b) Leisure

c) Social Community

d) None of those

39. Software program which permits consumer to view the webpage is known as as ______.

a) Web Browser

 b) Working System

c) Web site 

d) Interpreter

40. To make your web site cellular pleasant, you may make your web site

a) Responsive

b) Reactive

c) Quick Loading

d) Gentle

41. A ______ is a novel identify that identifies a web site.


b) Scroll identify

c) Area identify

d) Register identify

42. Net pages are of what number of sorts?

a) 3

b) 2

c) 4

d) 5


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