34 thoughts on “WD 4TB My Cloud Home Duo Personal Cloud Storage First Impressions

  1. I am due for a follow up video… while I like the concept of this device it is TOO SLOW for me to use everyday. Fine for a backup where you can set it and forget it but I was expecting better upload/download speeds.


  3. Hi, I miss the information about how it is for editing docs. for example, I want to work on a specific doc, save it (from one computer) , then go to work, and from the web , work on the same doc and update as well. how does it work ? will I need to download and then upload it back ? in this way I'll have two kind files, which I want to avoid.

  4. DONT BUY WD MY HOME CLOUD…. this device just stop working without any explanation and then all your data is just gone! … Happened to me. So HANDS OFF… the warranty just cover the device NOT the data recovery.

  5. No repairing services around the world, it means it become rubbish if your case is damaged after warrant time.

  6. It will work until they decide to not support it anymore because a new one is out. I have the first generation and they stop supporting it and kicked everyone using it off the app for it. The only way to transfer files is to use the app so now its useless. Ill never buy from WD ever again

  7. My experience , very slow, also no CONTROLL of public folder by default is open with no password , Anybody with access to network can read and write in public folder and overtake the space on your device you cannot get rid of public folder it’s always there for anybody to use.

  8. It's a great product and love the way you show us the set up.. You were very clear.. Hope all YouTuber make videos like you.

    I like this product but I found it expensive.. I know all the good stuff has value..

    Please let us know substitute of this product

  9. Can one create folders within folders? My photo are divided by camera. Under camera the are divided by year and month. Each month has the separate days of the month. The photos are sorted by year- month-day-hhmmss.

  10. Pathetic Review… (Even for a First Impressions video). You make it sound like everything is a pro and nothing is a con for this device.

  11. hi I have problem with my cloud home doesn’t connect with my computer and devices appear offline or rebooting ¿What can I do?

  12. This product is horrible. I have a setup with a gigabit interface router, CAT7 cables etc. I bought it to store high bitrate video clips but turns out it's useless in that regard, doesn't exceed 2mbyte/second when transferring bigger folders with loads of different clips. Often disconnects for some reason, cant be found in the directory by my computer after a while, and i have tried setting up a static IP for the drive within the LAN as well so do not really no what that is about. I believe this is due to malfunctioning software, but as this is supposed to be a turnkey solution there is nothing you can do about it as it's limited in every regard, more like a turnkey problem which can't be rectified. WD doesn't seem to care at all either. Also the above mentioned is when using a cable connection, wireless it performs even worse. If you want a cloud storage, buy a real NAS where you can take it upon yourself to make it work properly or just by dropbox storage instead if you don't bother.

  13. Ratchet Jaw. Blah, Blah, Blah. Told me nothing that I could have read for myself. Nothing helpful on how to navigate the product itself.

  14. Hi David
    I use AutoCAD and other similar softwares.
    Is it possible that I store my CAD files in this device……do some work on them on them on day to day basis……and save them here in this box instead of my PC?

  15. Dont buy! I’ve bought a big one of those WD My Cloud Home Duo. 12 Tb. Around 500 bucks. What for? To store files, what else? Can it store files? Theoretically, it can. But you can’t put it in there. It likes only BIG files, like movies. If you try to put there a folder with a lot of small files- leave your hope stranger. 1 Gb folder with small files, for example, image files, gonna transfer for… guess what? 4 weeks!!! No joke. Got screenshot. And it’s not only me- check this forum. Yes, they are serious. The only thing you can store on this drive- is big fat files. How do WD archive that? It’s a wonder. So it absolutely not usable for backup. You should call it “pirated movies hard drive”. I wanna give it back to the store if I could. Nobody says that before you buy this device. So I guess its kinda fraud. Dear WD! Please change something before smbd sues you for selling unusable NASes. And where are my 500 bucks? And if I can’t use it to store files what in the world it’s for???  So WD, what’s the deal here?

  16. useless, you need 1:1 internet connection and when you go abroad the upload speed will be meeeh and you need to maintain it running 24 hours if there a power surge? bye..bye cloud

  17. Does anyone know of an app that actually works from ipad? All thunbnails do not show WD app,Pages App etc? I am at home on the same network.

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