27 thoughts on “Vultr WordPress Setup (Your own cloud server with AWESOME speed)

  1. You can get started with a free 30 day credit referral to Vultr ➡️ https://ideaspot.com.au/vultr
    No coupon code is needed, you'll get $100 of credit to use during your first 30 days 😀

  2. so why we are using cloudways if it is that easy ? what I can't do if I hosted my website without cloudways ?

  3. Very informative. Thanks a lot!
    How would you rate Vultr when it comes to support and servers up time? I saw Vultr getting lots of bad reviews on Trustpilot.

  4. great tutorial, thanks for taking the time to sharing your knowledge!! !!
    couple of questions: how many domains can I add using the plesk free version? and will plesk manages email setup also or do I need to setup a email server? thanks 🙂

  5. Thanks for the video!

    I was wondering what the difference would be in terms of performance between Cloudways (with HF Vultr) and HF Vultr. Cloudways costs almost twice as much as Vultr. I know that Cloudways offers several features, in addition to the hosting configuration, but considering only the speed of the server, what is the difference between them?

  6. Hey, I bought a domain and hosting last month (not in use atm) from ifastnet.com on a super premium package hosting for $3.99 per month, planning to set this up once i get my free hosting site build out of the way. Checked the GTmetrix for this without using cloudflare and it seems very good. I think it is worth checking out and even comparing to vultr, see how it fairs then make a video on this if it is worth it 🙂

  7. Thanks so much for this video. I'm a huge fan of Plesk. Did you find a similar option anywhere else based on Litespeed server? Litespeed and Plesk are the ultimate combination but hardly to find at a reasonable price.

  8. great tutorial. I would love to try this but the domain limit means I would need to pay extra and then it becomes the same cost as cloudways.

  9. This is so underrated! Yet… I like it that way. This info is too precious to be viral 😉 This is really useful, thank you!

  10. Wow Wow. The best tutorial regarding Vultr's initial setup for WordPress and Plesk's initial setup. Everything is well explained in an easy way. Thanks, buddy you made my day.

  11. Hi! Thanks for another great video tutorial. Can this be done for an already running wordpress website on a provider?

  12. Great video, easy to use for beginners, just setup me server using your guide, brother can you also make a tutorial for further optimizations like redis and varnish and if anything else also to optimize for best security and performance for wordpress, thanks. Also any guide on LEMP if its faster and better.

  13. How to get 100 bucks credit ? By the way cloud fare free ssl is not mobile optimized so it being said for e-commerce mobile users risky ?

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