Using Strapi + Docker

Using Strapi + Docker

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In this video I show you how to set up Strapi with Docker.
I also give you a couple of considerations relating to data persistence.

This video follows the official guide so definitely check that out!

Official Guide:

Docker Image:

Amazing documentation for the Strapi Docker Image: (The video uses this repo as it’s main resource)

7 thoughts on “Using Strapi + Docker

  1. I got some problem when I use the strapi docker image in docker compose.
    I cannot find a neat way to configure s3 as provider for file upload/ media library before and after strapi is provisioned.
    It seems build my own preconfigured strapi image is my next step.

  2. Noob Question .. Havent used docker yet …. since the servers run inside a container … does this have any stability issues let say you run a database and a node server together..
    Basicly Im wondering if you should use it that way in production … or pull your files out of the container again when deploying ?

    Im thinking that extra virtual layer … will cause some friction ?
    What I wonder is basicly the difference of using a node server + database with docker

    or using the same setup without ? Any difference in performance etc ?

  3. Hi.. I don't see docker-compose.yaml & dockerfile in your code base. How it's working for you without these files?

  4. I dont understand why on the past had documentation for mysql and now they remove it… And they have very poor docs for mysql on strapi-docker
    And if you need to create your own controllers, how you put on that strapi/strapi ?

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