Ultimate Guide - How to Deploy a Laravel App (Introduction)

Ultimate Guide – How to Deploy a Laravel App (Introduction)

There doesn’t seem to be any good guide on the internet for how to deploy a Laravel 5 application to the internet while configuring your own server. In this series I finally put out a detailed series where we discuss what is needed to successfully deploy a Laravel 5.3 app to Digital Ocean, Linode, or Vultr.
Read the Full Ultimate Guide here:

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Coming Up:
Discussing hosting solutions and Setting up our server plus SSHing into the server.


I personally recommend Vultr for hosting your Virtual Private Server because of their speed and support. These servers are blazing fast and easy to set up. I will be using Vultr in these tutorials.

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Part 1 – Hosting and VPS Set-Up:

Part 2a – Installing LEMP Technology Stack:

Part 2b – Installing LAMP Technology Stack:
Coming Soon

Part 3 – Server-side Git Setup:

Part 4 – Configuring Laravel on our Server:

Full Playlist:


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46 thoughts on “Ultimate Guide – How to Deploy a Laravel App (Introduction)

  1. Thanks a lot, I'm wondering, where are you man, you are away along ago, I hope you are fine and wafting for new videos. thanks again

  2. https://www.cloudways.com/en/?id=172422
    Best Laravel Hosting Recipe for Robust Apps
    Streamline, scale and succeed with our all-inclusive managed Laravel web hosting experience.

  3. Hi, great tutorial! I have a question about 2 differents services.
    What do you think about Vagrant(homestead) and Docker(Laradock)?
    it is a good choice use one of them?
    I'm sorry for my english, I'm a brasilian girl. kk
    Thanks a lot!

  4. Be very very careful because even you have credit $20 for Vulter they are going to charge you anyway!!! The policy of them are not clear at all!!!! Be carful!!!

  5. Hi Alex, I really enjoy your tutorial it is interesting, I will really appreciate if you can make PHP pdf generation for users file from the database.Thanks

  6. I love this tutorialso much. I always look at this whenever I deploy my sample projects but months ago the tutorial's written codes are not rendered correctly. We are seeing the html tags, so we cannot copy it directly.

  7. ~~ Who want to use PHP 7 . 1 information:
    First install 7.1
    later dont forget change number inside file: sites-available/default , to: php7.1-fpm.sock;

  8. Hi Alex, can I expect a tutorial any time soon about how to set up SSL on LEMP ? It's really really necessary..

  9. Amazing video, you earned yourself a new subscriber. Thanks alot. You we're right when you said there was no good tutorial online, had a hard time finding one but then i found you. Keep it up!

  10. Hi Jay i love your videos and i think you are doing an awesome job…i still have one simple question. It seems to me no one is installing nginx directly on MAC everyone is using vagrant or some kind of virtual machines or MAMP or LAMP/LEMP…but i want to just setup a simple server block on my MAC….i have installed nginx with brew and PHP 7.1 but settings for nginx are a little bit different than those in linux….there is no folder sites available or sites enabled and i can't find any tutorial on this topic….please if you could just point me to a right direction…

  11. pls sir u really need to help us with a new video tips for those of us using window and apache server….. cos right now we are all stuck since those sudo command don't work in window

  12. Thank you so so much for creating this series!!! 🙂 Now, can you do a series on HTTPS with Laravel Deployment via same method LEMP plz? 😀

  13. hi, i made a little more advence app in laravel, but i still learn a lot from you. thanks a lot, really love your vids;) but I deployed mine on regular hosting, everything works very well for me, even cron tasks. Can you tell us more why not to deploy laravel on regular web hostings?

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