Types of Servers, Shared Hosting Server, Dedicated Server, Cloud Server, Virtual Private Server.

Types of Servers, Shared Hosting Server, Dedicated Server, Cloud Server, Virtual Private Server.

My Name is Shubhir Sahiwala, In this video I will explain different types of servers like Hosting servers, Web Servers, Shared Servers. And We will discuss the features and working of about scalability, performance, readability maintenance costs, availability to suit ones business and services.

There are four types of servers available when you contact to the hosting providers like GoDaddy, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and many others.

The First is Shared Hosting Server, This server is distributed to many users and the entire bandwidth is distributed among-st to many users, Here there is one system in which many internet users use the bandwidth of the system in a shared manner like speed performance in a limited manner and it is useful to MSMEs and SMEs where their transactions, usages and traffic are limited and in small number.

The Second is Dedicated Server :- This is complete opposite to Shared Hosting Server, it is not shared by anyone and it is totally owned by one entity and it is mainly useful to all those entities where total number of transactions goes beyond bounds and leaps . Like Amazon, Flipkart, Railway Ticket Booking Systems where daily there are high traffic on their servers, Thousands and thousands users interactions eCommerce, Applications Softwares servers in which the server is continuously busy with the uploading downloading over the period of time.

The third one is VPS (Virtual Private Servers) :- Here is is same as dedicated server but slight difference in the sense all the users are given different rights to interact with this Virtual Private servers.There are different Configurations for the different users.For eg if i am a supervisor of my godown or stores so i need more speed high configuration more usage for data entry and stored data as compared to those who are not connected with data entry and only data supervision.

Cloud Servers (Virtual Servers) :- This server is located on cloud means there would be no physical servers owned by you or the shared one and it is a virtual server and the costs is based on pay per use.Here one virtual system is given to you which is also available to the public too and in that one can use all the applications software’s and there would be a high bandwidth for the uploading and downloading as per the configuration related to that server.


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