41 thoughts on “THIS CLOUD SPAC STOCK IS AMAZING – No One Knows About It (PCPL) Don't Miss Out

  1. SPAC stock move based on future growth potential CGAR over 50% make good SPAC. These are already matured company and growth is slow and steady.

  2. NEW YORK, Nov. 6, 2020 LLP is investigating possible breaches of fiduciary duty and other violations of law by the board of directors of CC Neuberger Principal Holdings I (NYSE: PCPL) in connection with the company's proposed merger with E2open Holdings, LLC ("E2open"). Under the terms of the agreement, PCPL will acquire E2open through a reverse merger, resulting in E2open becoming a publicly-traded company. If you own PCPL shares and wish to discuss this investigation or your rights, please call us at one of the numbers listed above or visit our website

  3. I’m just gonna put this on your radar.
    $BFT. Paysafe. Similar to Square and paypal.
    Partners with Amazon, twitch, fortnite, roblox, igaming like draftkings and golden nuggets gaming.
    Headed by Bill Foley, frmr head of Fidelity.
    Steve Grasso from CNBC said this could triple and Jim Cramer said Bill has a really good track record of successful deals.
    This is undoubtedly the Spac of the year.
    Current price: $15
    Price target: $45
    I’d get in as early as possible Bc this isn’t going to stay in the $13-15 range for long.

  4. I count myself as a successful trader because of the amazing trading strategy of my financial broker Herman David Trading.

  5. BFT Paysafe makes money and it’s going up but it’s being talked about on CNBC because of Bill Foleys track record.

  6. I bought and sold APEX, based on their own sale predictions the post merger market cap was already maxed out at the $15 price point in my opinion. Why buy a stock if there's no room to grow. With the risk of sales actually dropping once every thing goes back to normal post covid, it simply isn't interesting at the current levels. Fundamentals are important too.

  7. Great video! It's exciting to see how people make money despite the economic crisis because of the wise decision in investing thanks to Mr Zachary m, who made my trade a success

  8. FedEx and UPS next week is a big buy. News stories all weekend showing them rushing out these vaccines for the US government. News Story’s will continue all week. Xmas will be a Catalyst also! I don’t own these stocks but we will see how they look at 4am.

  9. looks interesting but already in too many SPACs LCA, VGAC, BFT, APXT, IPOC, GIX. need to trim about 2-3 of these before entering anymore SPAC

  10. RIOT and MARA going to really rip on Monday. Bitcoin has recovered nicely over the weekend and those stocks had been beaten down Thursday and Friday with the Crypto dip. So buy at 4am.

  11. I first heard about this spac on Terry Younker channel. This is definitely a sleeping giant that's going to the moon🚀. Thanks for giving this spac some exposure 👍

  12. correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like PCPL is under an ongoing investigations

  13. Everyone. You may want to look at Tattooed Chef (TTCF)…low float 20m shares …may break out significantly very soon. Good luck in your trades.

  14. When a stock does what this one is doing I just hope it’s not another multiplan 🥴 but you are right the lose is really nothing the gains are huge. I love Trident there technology is bad ass I’m hoping they kill it if high rises wanted to make sick ass revue for doing nothing just instal thee windows and they could do advertisements all year around imagine these windows in Vegas hotels I mean it’s endless they are also a huge GREEN company people aren’t seeing the potential with what glass and technology can do

  15. BFT..is my number one ..apxt i have number two …..LCA…my third… too many spac. Lol .may be i will buy 25 shares of this .actually i need to increase my holdings in BFT and apxt tomorrow..

  16. Per wikipedia,,,,In July 2012, E2open went public on the NASDAQ,,,,,are we talking about different E2open here?

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