46 thoughts on “The Fix – DIY: Create your own cloud

  1. Could you buy any brand of ssd storage and use it with the WD account and mobile app? or do you have to have the Wd storage device too?

  2. Y’all, it’s labeled DIY for people like me who aren’t super techies and just don’t want to pay monthly subscriptions. Stop hating.

  3. This is more of a file server, not a cloud (I worked at WD, BTW). I was seraching for a small cloud solution that wasn' t based on RH Openstack or OpenNebula. I do have Opennebula running as a demo but it's still to big for my needs, plus I do have (free) access to a real cloud at work.

  4. I dont get it… What is the difference between using google drive and your own NAS? Is it just for more storage?

  5. why is this titled diy when u are using an prepackaged solution instead of making your own diy server

  6. this cloud is impossible to use slow, clumsy, the software's are tree, non of them are realty sufficient, they don't work all the time, terrible compatibility windows 10 security restriction. is a mess I lost my time money and lost hope.

  7. Yes, DIY, and this is the simple version? what to do if we don't own that brand NAS????? Ooops, is that part of your sponsor? Bad exampleSharon, why don't you tell us about Owncloud for linux, or Tonido for Mac and Windows systems? Did you not know? Ah, your pretty face does not say you are genius…. as a lot of YOUTUBE shit rolls around the net…. Sorry…. Bad video…

  8. I was looking for building a cloud storage that you can access outside your home. Also this is not DIY. That would be building your own NAS

  9. This is not creating ur own cloud ur jus using a internet service to setup a personal cloud….. creating a cloud from scratch is setting up the server/service to run the cloud from…….

  10. Now that you know what a Cloud Server is, you can have yours very easy and simple.
    Ram: 2GB
    Hard Disk: 50GB
    Traffic: 3 TB
    Port Speed: 100MB

  11. Sorry CNet—this was a terrible "DIY!" It's not "Do It Yourself" if you buy a "cloud" drive with the software to install it. That's having a corporation do all your work for you.

  12. 1:58 my cloud isn't "the cheapest", you could make your own with a raspberry pi and a flash drive or two

  13. More advanced ASUS routers don't even need this! Just a typical external hard drive, set up DDNS, enable AiCloud and it's all done!

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