The Current State of Cloud Gaming - Sept 2020 - Overview of all cloud gaming services

The Current State of Cloud Gaming – Sept 2020 – Overview of all cloud gaming services

Giving a full rundown of the current cloud gaming platforms and services as well as Cloud Gaming PCs. In this video we give a brief overview of Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce NOW, Xcloud – Xbox Game Pass Cloud, Amazon Luna, Vectordash, Boosteroid, Shadow PC, Maximum Settings and Firepower Cloud.
This is not every service that is available today, there are a lot of cloud gaming services that we haven’t mentioned, but these are what we consider the top, most relevant cloud gaming platforms at the moment for you to consider.
There is such a selection of Cloud Gaming Services that it can be a bit overwhelming, we wanted to give a quick overview of each one so you can choose the right Cloud Gaming Platform for your needs, as there are limited free cloud gaming options as well.

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Intro: 0:00
Google Stadia: 0:33
GeForce NOW: 1:40
Xcloud: 3:01
Amazon Luna: 4:24
Vectordash: 5:46
Boosteroid: 6:49
Shadow PC: 7:59
Maximum Settings: 9:04
Firepower Cloud: 10:30
Wrap-up: 11:50

Full Platform Overviews:

Google Stadia:
GeForce NOW:
Amazon Luna:
Shadow PC:
Maximum Settings:
Firepower Cloud:

We cover all of the cloud gaming platforms, Stadia, GeForce NOW, Shadow, xCloud and Project Tempo.

36 thoughts on “The Current State of Cloud Gaming – Sept 2020 – Overview of all cloud gaming services

  1. I got bored at work and started playing Doom on Stadia its great if you just want to play something really quick. How ever paying full price for something you can't own is Dumb 🙄 so just wait for a sale.

  2. Can you play Cod MW on gforce now? Because I have the game on Blizzard but my pc barely runs it and most maps crash when loading

  3. I’m looking forward for steam cloud play and GeForce now since they’re being “partners” now it’s a big gain for both sides, can’t wait to see the result maybe in 2022 sadly since steam cloud play it’s still on beta 🍀

  4. the good thing about cloud is that competition is fiercer than ever since getting the service to the consumer requires a couple of clicks at worst which will keep prices competitive hopefully

  5. Thanks for the informative review, btw!

    My choice is Boosteroid. Tried Geforce NOW but some of the games I play are missing, such as Warzone and FIFA, and Boosteroid has it.

  6. I dont play as much as I liked to i currently own a switch where I play very little cus I'm busy during the day and I work nights but I would like to stream from a phone or tablet when I can , what streaming service do you recommend

  7. stadia is currently giving 31 free games and already on the 19th distinction 2 will be free without the pro subscription

  8. Boosteroid is a nice one. They have huge library, a lot of AAA games, and you can play it diretcly from browser, no matter if you're on a tablet, phone, or even macbook.
    Using it for 4 month already, can't complain. Go check it

  9. I kind of feel like vector dash is broke I got scammed twice literally paid $5 for the weekly and it’s asking to buy it again wtf

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