27 thoughts on “The Cloudcast – Cloud Computing Basics

  1. Senkiu Brian. Superg eplanion  about cloud computiding. Lilke many your tutorilal the can be an avantage . Well does great work, Good morning frien's. The system the Cisco very good.

  2. Superb explanation about cloud computing, I adore you for making this video to help all of us to understand what is cloud computing. It delivers a single application through the browser to lots of users. Following your tutorial can be an advantage.

  3. Thanks for providing this series of videos. I stumbled across this and will go through all the series you've listed.

    Again super thanks as knowledge is power…

  4. This video is okay, but it has poor sound quality.Is there any chance that this problem can be resolved.

  5. Check out this site if you need some help understanding cloud computing more:

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