7 thoughts on “Take5: Enabling CDN on Google Cloud Platform

  1. worst tutorial ever. Explained nothing what is what? What if I am not hosting on google cloud? I guess I'll stick to AWS for now.

  2. We came across a message "CDN can't be enabled for backend services that use security policies."

    Can we do something about this as a work around? swap the steps? maybe setup LB, CDN first then Security policies w Cloud Armour?

  3. Hi I am having a Online Courses website, build using WordPress, I am from India, and my Students are all from India, daily huge traffic watching my video lectures, how can benefit from CDN of Google Cloud Platform and what are the things I have to do. and what are the steps and its cost

  4. Is there any more or different configuration to do in load balance set up if my app (WordPress) uses the https protocol ?

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