Stream Your Media from the Cloud! - How to use Plex Cloud (Plex Cloud Tutorial and Setup Guide)

Stream Your Media from the Cloud! – How to use Plex Cloud (Plex Cloud Tutorial and Setup Guide)

In this video I’ll show you how to set up Plex’s new “Plex Cloud” service so you can start streaming your Movies, TV shows, music, and photos from the cloud!

27 thoughts on “Stream Your Media from the Cloud! – How to use Plex Cloud (Plex Cloud Tutorial and Setup Guide)

  1. Plex Cloud… discontinued Nov 30, 2018

  2. AYUDA…Tengo el siguiente problema, en la App de MyCloudHome en SERVICIOS donde están todas las App compatibles, doy Habilitar a Plex y se queda con el mensaje "Habilitando.." pero nunca lo hace. asi se queda. que puede ser????

  3. I have 1T of Dropbox storage but I have more media content on there then I do on my pc hard drive. I can’t sync the Dropbox folder to my pc or it maxes out my pc. When I choose to not sync it the folder no longer shows up in my file search. How do I still access it if it isn’t synced?

  4. Is streaming movie on plex server going to consume my bandwidth as it does when streaming from social sites/downloading?

    My concern here is Bandwidth.

  5. I'll pass thanks. I know where my content is and don't have to worry about someone else's definition of what they deem copyrighted material.

  6. So for Live TV & DVR I still need a local Plex Media Server and storage. I can't record Live TV to the Plex Cloud. Correct?

  7. Great video.

    Is there anyway to have the whole server in the cloud?

    My guess is that Plex Cloud is just a way of storing and accessing content remotely and that one would still need a local computer (local server) to process said content for client delivery. Is that right?

  8. a friend of mine has pirated movies – I wonder how the plex cloud providers will react? Will they simply wipe his cloud library without notice if they discover he has non purchased movies ?

  9. is not worth it…. the costs of plex pass plus costs of one of these three cloud services are way too much high

  10. Amazon says, "no" because they are a content deliver service. It would be the same as asking Hulu or Netflix if it's okay to stream your own files from their service. I think Amazon is just protecting it's own streaming services. Not many streaming services approve of Plex.

  11. Didn't know it was still in beta, assumed they were out of it because it was released to everyone. Yeah it works great though and was reliable enough for me to get rid of my local movie server. Only things I've noticed were that videos I recorded don't generate a thumbnail and manually added movie extras don't work. Great walkthrough though and explanation of it all. Think I might need to move some media to another cloud storage provider because I'm quickly approaching OneDrive's 1TB limit.

  12. Been using this for a little while now and although it's in beta it's great. I moved from Synologys Video Station to Plex about 7 weeks ago and so far I am very impressed with everything they offer.

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