Setup OpenVPN on Vultr with PFSense

Setup OpenVPN on Vultr with PFSense

$50 Credit for Vultr

Video shows how to setup a Private VPN Server, Easy setup, using GUI. PFSense supports OpenVPN very well for quick setup and management with easy to use panel.

– Educational Video only, Ogne Tech takes no responsibility! Vultr, PFSense is not associated with Ogne Tech in anyway.

13 thoughts on “Setup OpenVPN on Vultr with PFSense

  1. Hello hello, Very good Tutorial that's help a can i do If i want severals Diferents Ip on the server?

  2. Good tutorial. Thanks for putting it together. Just an FYI, the windows server is not necessary. With pfSense, you can just use the easyrule to allow a specific IP to access the WAN. From the Vultr console, enter … easyrule pass wan tcp yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy 443 – where = your public IP4 address of your computer, and yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy is the pfSense public IP of the WAN interface.

    This will auto generate a rule to pass incoming traffic from your public IP to the pfSense WAN interface port 443, allowing you access to the pfSense firewall.

  3. Good God… while an techie can do this, a normal everyday person would have a hard time even following all these crazy steps. There's gotta be an easier way than this.

  4. I have a question and was wondering if you could advice me. I have a hosted 4 freepbx server on vultr, as well as a pfsense server. The freepbx servers are in different datacenter. How do I use the 1 pfsense server for the 4 freepbx servers or do I have to have 1 pfsense server per location?? (I have different freepbx servers to mitigate latency issues)

  5. i can not thank you enough, this was so easy.
    i guess i would have been able to it but i didn't know which provider to use

  6. How can I chain the servers together and allow people to log into different servers they choose just with there one login like nord vpn does and also not use a windows server

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