39 thoughts on “Setting Up Custom Domain With Google Cloud Compute Engine Instance

  1. Hello bro,
    I have a question, please support for me , thanks very much.
    When i create VM Instance , i have IP Internal and IP External. I remote Desktop window VPS and setup project, but project only run on IP Internal. How to access website ?

  2. How to undo this yea? I want to change the URL domain, so I delete the cloud DNS zones. When I try accessing my website via the IP address, it still redirects it to the old domain.

  3. Thanks for your amazing video sir,
    But sory i wanna ask,

    why in addresbar my domain name does not appear but the IP number from gtc?
    what wrong on my setup?
    Thanks for your answer. Iam newbie here 🙏🙏🙏

  4. I am trying to host a static website and as shown in the end mywebsite refuses to connect. Can you tell me how to proceed forward ?

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