SEO Hosting - Shared Vs Dedicated IP Hosting

SEO Hosting – Shared Vs Dedicated IP Hosting

Find resources to host on safe Shared Hosting or dedicated multiple C Class IP Hosting.
It is a well known fact that Google gives more weight to links coming from different C Class IP addresses. Visit to find out how the top 1% of the search engine optimization professionals are taking advantage of SEO Hosting.

7 thoughts on “SEO Hosting – Shared Vs Dedicated IP Hosting

  1. Hi , what is the important of dedicate IP since I am going to buy dedicate IP before buy I need to know please explain me more about this thanks

  2. I went from cheap spammy shared hosting to hosting the site on my home computer (dedicated ip) and my search engine ranks improved immediately.

  3. But Google will still ban that IP from their mail servers. I was moved my website to a different host with a shared IP and I noticed that my emails would not reach anyone with a Gmail inbox. I switched to a different host and suddenly the emails were working again.

  4. Hey DollarSeoHosting, thanks for supplying us 1000's of A, B and C class IPs. Awesome! you guys are the best. Thanks for the comment 🙂

    You have the best price. Excellent service and 13,500 IPs to choose from clearly makes your company the cheapest seo hosting company, in the wholesale (now retail) industry. Not sure how you are able to give such high quality service right from the USA. You guys are unbelievable!
    Thanks again!

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