Self-Managed Wordpress SEO Hosting with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Self-Managed WordPress SEO Hosting with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

I have since moved to using this service:

It’s much simpler, fully-managed, and VERY cost-effective.

▶ Sign Up for (GCP) Google Cloud Platform, and enter pertinent billing information, then upgrade from the Trial.
(You will still receive all of the trial credits)

▶ Navigate to, and Deploy, the Open LiteSpeed WordPress Server, from the GCP Marketplace.
1vCPU (shared), with 1.7gb RAM, and 10gb Persistent Disk.
(this can be downgraded, later, to only 0.6gb RAM, the micro instance, to save costs)

▶ Under the External IP Addresses area, of the VPC Network Tab, you need to change the server from an Ephemeral IP, to a Static IP address.
▶ Add your Domain to the Google Cloud DNS area, and point your domain (from your registrar) to the Nameservers provided.
▶ In the Google Cloud DNS area, for your domain, create an “A” record, which points to the Static IP address of your server.
(you can find this from the External IP page, or from the VM Instances page, under the Compute Engine tab)

▶ On the VM Instances page, click the button next to your New Server that says “SSH”, and follow the prompts that appear.
Please read what it says, and give it the information it is asking for.
If your domain is a TLD, then you will include www, when you enter it in, but if it is a gTLD, then you will only include the root of the domain, without the www.
You will answer “y”, for “yes”, to most of the queries, and if you get stuck, please refer to the video, above.

▶ Visit your domain, and complete the WordPress setup process.
You can then restore a site backup, or template, for customization.

▶ Once you finish building your site, including anything that requires batch processing, mass page building, or other server resource intensive processes, you can downgrade the VM hardware to save money.
To do this, go to the VM Instances page, click the three dots on the far right, and select “Stop”, to hault your VM Server.
Then, click on the name of your VM Server, and at the top click “Edit”, then you will be able to downgrade the RAM on your VM to “0.6gb”.
(likewise, you can temporarily upgrade your VM, if you need to perform more server intensive activities)

▶ Rinse & Repeat, for more mini-sites, which live on their own static IPs, and dedicated server resources.


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  1. I have looked around for for GCP tutorials but others were quite complicated. How ever, I have followed your tutorial and managed to follow your instructions and have successfuly installed my wordpress instance without drama. Secondly, if I migrate my site to GCP how to I deal with my email accounts?

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