16 thoughts on “Run WINDOWS SERVER ON GOOGLE CLOUD 2018

  1. i have a problem
    Why i cant download files from Internet Explorer?
    Im trying everything and i can fix it :/ help me dude

  2. Hey man I need some help, no matter what region I set my server on it is always American and I want it to be UK. When I test my speeds the ping is always 130 ish and I don’t know how to make a European server

  3. thank yo uso much for your videos, the documentation is a zoo. As for the free trial, they say that you are not auto billed . See their FAQ https://cloud.google.com/free/docs/frequently-asked-questions the first instruction to find the cloud launcher can be found by using the marketplace tab link , dropdown menu under the 3 lines on the upper left this link may or may not work if you are signed in https://console.cloud.google.com/marketplace?

  4. hey buddy how are you, so this 300 us are free? is real ? after 1 year not will recevie in my card one account ?

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