Route 53 Domain Name Setup

Route 53 Domain Name Setup

This tutorial goes over setting up your domain name to point to Route 53 as well as how to create an A and CNAME record for your site! In my example I had my website purchased through fatcow but the same principles apply to anywhere you purchase a domain. It’s possible to also purchase your domain names through Route 53 as well which I would recommend but I went under the assumption most people have purchased their sites elsewhere.

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  1. I've my domain name registered with Route53 itself. I followed the same procedure, but it's not working. Please help.

  2. Looked through so many tutorials trying to get the www. subdomain to work. Probably wen through 10 tutorials to no avail, this is the only one that actually worked. Thanks!

  3. Hi, Someone registered a domain for me on AWS and I want to transfer it to my service provider. I am told that I need an EPP Authentication Code and he says he can't locate it on AWS. How can one access a .com EPP Authentication Code on AWS?

  4. Lets say i have a wordpress instance running on ec2 and i want to link up that instance with the route53 domain i have registered. I have tried the same technique multiple times creating the same A record with the instance IP but it never routes to the domain name to my wordpress blog. What could be the reason and how could that be done. And additionally, if i want to have a SSL certificate issued by AWS and i put in the load balancer and link the load balancer with the instance and create an A record with the load balancer as reference it doesnt work either. What should i do?

  5. Can I add MX record to Route 53. I have only a registered domain name and no hosting plan, I wish to host site from s3 bucket and have email from office 365

  6. when I try create a CNAME "google.(mywebsitename).io" and then try google.(mywebsitename).io I get a 401 error, but when I use aws to do a test response check I get a NOERROR DNS code

  7. no idea why deleting my hosted zone and just doing it agin by following this worked, but I'm not going to question it

  8. even after i linked domain ,when i typed domain name it is redirecting resembling only ip address .my domain name is not visibling

  9. Thanks for that easy tutorial!
    What is missing is that you need to allow inbound connections via port 80 for your instance.

  10. great video. I got a question. I have a static website with with one php contact form page and i have all files on S3 but of course there it doesn't recognize my php file. Is EC2 my only option or can i use a server on S3 somehow? EC2 is so complicate!

  11. I have what might be a simple question. I have three domains that all have DNS hosting with Amazon Route 53. I happened to do a Reverse IP Lookup and noticed that all three domain IP addresses are almost identical. Example: 205.251.193.XX. Why are they all practically identical? Are they all practically Identical because I'm using my AWS account for DNS hosting?

  12. Is this free considering that I don't have any running instances? I think this says it's 50 cents a month. Then it says something about 50 dollars a month, but that is under traffic flow. not sure what Traffic Flow is. Any was I wondering if you can explain the pricing. it is confusing.

  13. Hey,
    I have a domain registered with big rock and I have a server with A2 hosting and I do have a subdomain with A2hosting but i want to use aws server for sub domain so that my server which host my company website will continue and my sub domain and will point to my aws server. How Can i achieve this result?

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