QuickBook Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop: What's The Difference?

QuickBook Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop: What's The Difference?

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AJ Stockwell is a licensed CPA and the owner of Learn Bookkeeping Today LLC and Climb CFO LLC. He is a small business accounting and finance expert with a passion for sharing high-quality informative content for:
-Bookkeepers and aspiring bookkeepers or college students who are considering a career in accounting or starting their own bookkeeping business.
-Business owners who want to better understand their numbers or improve their accounting processes and controls.
-CPAs who are looking to bring even more value to their clients and streamline/update their processes.

What sets me apart is the fact that I have been in the shoes of all 3 of these groups. This channel is going to explore a wide variety of topics related to these areas.

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