Plex Cloud - How to Run a Plex Server Remotely Using Dropbox, Google Drive, or One Drive!

Plex Cloud – How to Run a Plex Server Remotely Using Dropbox, Google Drive, or One Drive!

Sign up for a free Plex account – (affiliate link) – Plex Cloud is a Plex server in the cloud that can play and transcode your media from cloud …

24 thoughts on “Plex Cloud – How to Run a Plex Server Remotely Using Dropbox, Google Drive, or One Drive!

  1. Could my partner use her Android device to play content through the Plex app, if that content resides on MY Google Drive account? i.e. Would she have to add MY Google account to her phone, or can Plex Cloud simply be linked to any arbitrary Google Drive account without it first having to be logged in on that device? (I've always found multiple Google accounts on one phone to create more problems than it solves…) Thx!

  2. My question is why…!?! Surely the very point of having Plex is to have and manage your own media server with no reliance on cloud services. The concept of running a Plex Server locally is to detach from the reliance on cloud-based services and any concerns over how that data is stored in the cloud. For anyone that's happy with having their media stored in the cloud (as I am) then Google Photos and iCloud have amazing media play apps that comes with the advantage of machine learning such as face recognition of family photos etc. In this case, the media apps such as Google Photos and Photos (iPhone) are easier and more intuitive to use than the Plex media app itself. Therefore, in my opinion, the only real advantage of Plex is to have total control over your own media and how it is locally stored.

  3. Been running Plex Pass, HD HomeRun and Apple TV, Roku. I have been a Windows Media Center user for years and looking for a migration path as Microsoft phases out support (by 2020) but Plex is not ready for prime time. Serious limitations with their lame programming guide and lack of robust support across the clients for DVR and time shifting.

  4. So for Live TV & DVR I still need a local Plex Media Server and storage. I can't record Live TV to the Plex Cloud. Correct?

  5. This Plex Cloud storage is a great idea. So where does the Plex Media Server run if I'm no longer using a NAS for storage?

  6. Hello again, I have my home movies uploaded on my OneDrive and the Dropbox, but when I try to add it to the library it says no items found. However; I can watch the movies on my computer, but it's not recognizing it in Plex cloud. It's pulling the folder up, but it's just not playing it. Help?

  7. Be careful everyone if you have to try and call Plex support. I called about a connection issue I was having with Plex. The reps told me twice that my network had been hacked, once they took over my computer! Both times I called they said my network was hacked from someone in Russia and Afganastan. They said I had to pay between two and six hundred dollars for them to fix it!! It is a total scam!!

  8. Google will give a 24 hr ban if you scan your media so i don't see the point in using it if you end up banned ?

  9. The greatest thing about this channel is how each section/topic in the video is tagged in the description. I can not explain how helpful this is. I wish this was mandatory for all channels, especially for people who ramble without getting to the point. Bless this channel.

  10. Hey Lon, I hope in your Plex series you take a closer look at the
    Optimized Versions feature of Plex. It would also be nice to do a comparison of the pros/cons of Plex Cloud Sync vs Plex Cloud Server.

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