15 thoughts on “Part 27 Hosting a wcf service in a windows service

  1. System I.O FileNotFound Exception: Could not load file or assembly 'file:///c:UserName' or one of it's dependencies the system can not found file specified…
    All procedure Same follow but this issue not resolved

  2. Hi, I encountered the problem. Service is running. But I can't get service metadata from the base adress (http://localhost:8080). Updating service reference results in: "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it". Hosting in console app works properly with the same app config. Can anyone help?

  3. Hi kudvenkat. I have a project for Windows service and wcf and winform. I created windows service and install successfull similar your video. Right now, i have a problem for my project. When i run the app from visual solution (F5), the app run well (I see IIS Express show). But when i run the app from folder debug or release). The app can not run (IIS Express don't show). Please support or explain for me.

  4. installutil -i C:HelloServiceWindowsServiceHostbinDebugWindowsServiceHost.exe I changed the path but sill getting error "Exception occurred while initializing the installation:
    system.BadImageFormatException:could not load file or assembly , file:.., an attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format"

  5. This is a great Tutorial. But I got one question. If I wnat to implement one method in my Interface/Class to Stop the Windows Service by the client application I got a problem with dependecies. Do you got any advice for me?

    bool StopService();

  6. Sir,i have one request from my side.Please post the WPF video tutorial.When will you start the WPF tutorial?I am waiting for WPF tutorials from 8 months onwards

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