Offering Web Hosting Services To Clients [Traffic Talk]

Offering Web Hosting Services To Clients [Traffic Talk]

For this episode of traffic talk we answer the question, “Should you host a client’s website and act as the web hosting service or let a client use a different company?”


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5 thoughts on “Offering Web Hosting Services To Clients [Traffic Talk]

  1. Who cares if they want to host somewhere else let them. However they will get a worse deal because you should have wholesale pricing. You can make a hosting company landing page if you don't want to say you are the host.

  2. I've been hosting my clients' websites since 2002 and I get so much passive income it is worth the effort of answering a few calls per month. My VPS can go for months without ever going offline.

  3. Hosting is a vital part of the stack that makes up your website. Many years ago, it was in vogue to resell hosting and make a few dollars extra per client site that you were hosting. Y'know, passive income. However, that made it too difficult to get regular work done, as most people don't want to be the support system for people's hosting. I find it better for everyone to have the client set up their own hosting account, and I can recommend one that is best for their needs, and if they need support, I have access to their account.

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