17 thoughts on “My Foundry VTT Software Setup for D&D

  1. I am self hosting Foundry also. install was easy on a debian 10 server. I am having trouble setting up apache as a proxy server. When I follow the instructions from the foundryvtt knowledge base it breaks my apache. Do you happen to have a generic setup for your apache that I could adapt and paste in?

  2. This is amazing. Any chance to share that instructions landing page? Im starting a new campaign with some old timers that haven't played in decades and I need serious help guiding them through everything XD

  3. Very nice video. I've been running naked, need to add some security, but I only turn on my server when we play and players have no permissions to upload anything so hopefully I don't get fucked before I fix it

  4. Does anyone know if it's possible to install FountryVtt without a GUI? I want to install it on a Linux server, with only terminal access.

  5. I'm in the process of switching the game I'm running to foundry as well. I'm glad your highlighting the modules that you are using. I think I'm the guy you mentioned in one of your videos that is always trying a new module. Foundry has so many modules it can be overwhelming.

  6. Hey, you probably already know about this, but Bundle of Holding has an Isometric bundle up now. https://bundleofholding.com/presents/EpicIsometric

  7. Just watched this (and your most recent video). These are excellent man! I love what you’ve done and I’m going to definitely duplicate some of it!

  8. Really excited about the next video! Enjoyed seeing how you organize things. One thing I get confused about is the relationship between items on that tab and items as applied to an actor or even a token. I’m curious to see if you set up some kind of automated item effect, how do you manage making that persist across all uses of that item.

  9. Also, that bit about having max level characters of each class, as a reference for spells? Damn good idea. If there's something missing from the max wizard, and you can't find it, then you know your players can't find it either.

  10. I just got SO hype, regarding that bit at the end about what the next video will be covering…. I've been scouring the net trying to find specifics on how to get foundry up and working RE game setup and modules
    …….and then I saw the date the video was posted.
    (Well at least I know this is an up to date video, hah.)
    (But oh m a n with how detailed this was, I'm SO looking forward to the next video)

  11. Grape_juice is working on final solution for walls…. I've been feeding him map assets to test with 😀

    I'll have to have a look at token magic and some of those macros though…

  12. Do you have a resource for the spell templates? I have the Epic Isometric ones but I would like to add more if there are some good ones.

    I definitely want to see how some spell effects added to tokens. That would be a good way to represent the NPCs/PCs in combat and help me keep track as a DM.

    Also, I'm having troubles with the spells for VTTA now. I know they released information about a change being made on DNDbeyond side.

    Thanks for the videos. You have challenged me to get more organized with my stuff!

  13. For your spells and monsters, you could also create a custom module that contains all of the imported information, and then just add it to any world you are running. You can also set it up to randomly select the token. There's some good reddit posts on how to do so. In about 4 hours, I had imported all of the spells and monsters I have access to. As long as I do not distribute the module (which I won't, so no one ask), I'm still above board and I have quick access to the whole archive just by enabling the module. (In theory – again, I'm just setting it all up still!) 😉

  14. Have you considered Dynamic DNS? I have a similar network setup, and I'm considering putting the box between the ISP router and my home router, then use DDNS on the Foundry box. Still setting it up, so I can't tell you if it will work.

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