10 thoughts on “Moving a Dedicated Server to the Cloud

  1. Hello sir,

    Me and my friends are gonna do a startup. It's gonna start with Mobile App (ios/Android). and it will be based on concept of UBER. I am not sure what should I use for databases. Should i use Oracle SQL or New MongoDB. i am not sure. Because later maybe we'll need to expand it. and presently i have connected this to Google's Firebase. But after reading some web articles/blog it has created a bit of confusion in me.

    What's your point of view sir.! will you make a video on this.?

  2. Big mistake. All the thousands of hot women that are standing in line for you Stefan will know that they should never talk about their EX but you will never know if they think about them.

  3. Wow that view… astounding! Great video Stef, as always. You know what would be cool? if you could show around your apartment as i am interested and I'm sure many others are interested in how the nerds "live" (but i get that this is kinda private life and you may not want to show it, it is ok in that case) Thanks Stef and btw I'm enjoying your beginners HTML lessons 🙂

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