Migrating web applications to Azure

Migrating web applications to Azure

When Tailwind Traders acquired Northwind Traders earlier this year, we wanted to be sure that we could access their inventory in real time, which meant moving their existing web API alongside ours on Microsoft Azure.

In this session, we’ll look at how to migrate a frontend application to Azure, optimizing for speed and scale with Azure Storage. We’ll examine how to deploy, manage, monitor and backup both a Node.js and .NET Core API utilizing Azure App Service For Linux. Finally, we’ll see how a cloud architecture vastly simplifies the complexity that comes with an on-premise installation and frees you up to focus on your applications instead of your infrastructure.

3 thoughts on “Migrating web applications to Azure

  1. replace and network team and train them to write code… this is out of touch and hilarious…. where have you been sir?

  2. Great talk, I enjoyed the mix of explanation and hands-on examples. The URL shown for getting the code at the end is no longer accurate. It showed "github.com/Microsoft/ignite-tour" when it is actually github.com/Microsoft/IgniteTheTour. Then click on MIG for migration and MIG10 for this session.

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