Microsoft vs Amazon: The Cloud War (AWS vs Azure)

Microsoft vs Amazon: The Cloud War (AWS vs Azure)

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[Microsoft vs Amazon: The Cloud War]
There’s never been a better time to be in the cloud business—even if you’re not Amazon.
Amazon Web Services has dominated cloud computing for the past nine years. But Google and Microsoft, both giants in the cloud market, are growing at a rapid pace. Alphabet, Google’s parent, posted fourth-quarter earnings results t revealing that Google Cloud generated $8.9 billion in revenue for 2019, an impressive 53% growth from the previous year. Microsoft’s cloud operation, Azure, grew by 62% in the last three months of 2019, faster than any other cloud provider.
To truly understand why tech giants are fighting over cloud computing, we have to look back to the executive retreat at Jeff bezos house in 2003. The Amazon leadership team was asked to identify the core strengths of the company. One thing became abundantly clear: Its infrastructures services gave them a huge advantage over their competition.
It was at that point, without even fully articulating it, that they started to formulate the idea of what AWS could be, and they began to wonder if they had an additional business providing infrastructure services to developers.

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13 thoughts on “Microsoft vs Amazon: The Cloud War (AWS vs Azure)

  1. Azure will blindly take your money through idle charges and other bs if you don’t pay close attention to what you sign up for.

    Be very very mindful with the resources you choose even a basic tier can rack up more…. up to 2, 3 or 4 times… and can go up somehow every month. Even when you use the service for minimal development.

  2. Ummm interesting article but it didn't go over why one is better or unique then the other. Click bait. This boils down to which path the government to chose to run on the cloud and why.

  3. AWS: Years ahead than any other cloud services provider, Largest market share on the cloud industry

    Azure: Enterprise focused, JEDI contract, Active Directory integration. close second

    GCP: Cheaper than AWS or Azure

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