Microsoft Exchange vs Outlook

Microsoft Exchange vs Outlook

What’s the difference between Microsoft Exchange and Outlook? You might be surprised!

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16 thoughts on “Microsoft Exchange vs Outlook

  1. thanks for the explanation. it really brings alot of good advantages of using microsoft exchange comparing to outlook.

  2. Hi Neadom, thank you for the explanation. May I kindly impose on a question? Do you know any way to save outlook email files pst onto the cloud, such as One Drive or otherwise. I was told not to do that because the date may well be lost or corrupted. It it correct? If so, could you recommend me any practical solution to overcome that? Email data is critical for my work. THANKS AGAIN

  3. I have Microsoft 365 Business Standard but our emails are with Network Solutions. I've already set up our domain with Microsoft. Need to migrate our emails from Network Solutions to Microsoft and I'm so blessed confused! We only have 3 email addresses to migrate. LOL! I've read instructions on Microsoft but I keep going down rabbit holes.

  4. Neadom, LMK how to get in touch with ya, all of the sudden I cannot log into "outlook web app". New pc not sure if I screwed up config.

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