Managing Cloud Servers with AD Bridge | JumpCloud Tutorial

Managing Cloud Servers with AD Bridge | JumpCloud Tutorial

This video is about managing cloud servers with AD Bridge.


1.) Discuss the JumpCloud agent installed on Linux and Windows servers.
2.) System management with JumpCloud Groups.
3.) Make associations to the Linux and Windows cloud server using JumpCloud Groups.
4.) Authenticate against the Linux and Windows server using AD user credentials.
5.) Discuss SSH key management for Linux servers.
6.) Revoke access to the servers using the JumpCloud agent.


Add users and groups into JumpCloud through the AD Bridge. Check out our Using AD Bridge tutorial to learn how:

You can find more JumpCloud tutorials at:

You can also reach out to us at [email protected] for more information or for technical support.

Additional resources:
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AWS Cloud Server Authentication Microservice –

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