8 thoughts on “Laravel – Day 16 – Removing public from URL and production environment

  1. Hello bos , can you do another laravel video on how to handle error messaging in laravel? i want to know how to pass an error message to a "edit blade" which was tracked in the "controller"

  2. Thanks for the tutorials.
    I have completed all the tutorials and uploaded the project in Github.

  3. Instead of copying the files, even in a local development environment. I create a Virtual Host document and point it to the /project/public folder.

    I then create an entry in my local hosts file to point to a domain name that I use for local development. Usually it is the same name as the project I am on with a .local so for example laravel.local. When I type that into the browser I will get the local version of the site running No other changes are needed. This way the entire directory structure of the Laravel install does not have be changed and everything works.

  4. Awesome videos bro…. and expecting more videos soon and lets try search button functionality in upcoming videos

  5. Dai instead of copying all contents from public directory, I prefer copying just index.php and .htaccess file and removing ../ from index.php from line 24 and 38

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