Kinsta Hosting Review | The Best Managed WordPress Host?

Kinsta Hosting Review | The Best Managed WordPress Host?

Kinsta is one of several premium managed WordPress hosts out there. It’s not cheap, but is it the best managed WordPress host you can find? Here’s my Kinsta review.

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AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Kinsta provided a free test account for review purposes. All opinions are my own, and I was not paid by Kinsta in any way. When you purchase hosting using the link in the description, I may receive an affiliate commission from your sale.

9 thoughts on “Kinsta Hosting Review | The Best Managed WordPress Host?

  1. You should do a review on Pressable. It’s a premium managed WP host like Kinsta and WP Engine but it’s owned by Automattic.

  2. Thanks bro! Just what I was looking for! Migrated from Siteground to Kinsta. Siteground is just not reliable enough for my eCommerce/membership/LMS site.

  3. Hi Christian, thanks for the review it was really helpful. Do you know if it is possible to collaborate in the staging environment so that other members of your team have access too with levels of user's permission as in WordPress dashboard? Thank you 😊

  4. Some of my clients are on Kinsta and I have to admit that performance wise Kinsta is definitely one of the best.

    However, I'd like to clarify a few things here
    – There's a plethora of migration plugins such as "All in one migration" and plenty of services such as ManageWP which will will do the migration for you. So the comment about "If you don't know FTP & SSH, Kinsta is not for you" is BS. You don't need to know any of it. Just google migration plugins and you'll find a few options you can easily use yourself.
    – Their one-click staging solution is a bit under developed because you can't exclude database so it's not a good fit for eCommerce site where you can't overwrite DB. Flywheel and WPEngine are better options in that sense, but Kinsta said they are working on this.
    – Just like WPEngine and a few other hosts, they don't offer email service. A lot of small businesses use GSuite anyway, but this is one of the common issues people coming from shared hosting find surprising. It's an extra cost and it's per user.

    All in all, Kinsta's performance and features definitely justify the cost, but if you're running a small site with $0 monthly revenue then you might wish to stay with shared hosting for the time being.

  5. What do you think about Inmotion Hosting for a shared business hosting plan. I havent see any review from you on them yet?

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