13 thoughts on “Introducing AWS Cloud9 – AWS Online Tech Talks

  1. hi, i used your github repository to get your code but i can't use the button to upload the image in the index.html..what am i missing? The lamba function upload?

  2. Very helpful to me. I have a small doubt, that I want to give the application URL to others to access my application which I have hosted in AWS Could9. so, how could I do that?

  3. Pretty impressive. I was wondering if users can create a cloud9 environment and share it as some image to the world. Anyone else can start new instances of the image and does his/her own development. This can be very handy to quickly duplicate development environments.

  4. Very helpful. I liked when you hit a bump in the road on the demo. That actually added to the experience for me.

  5. excellent video thanks for sharing such info …. and seriously this video will help everyone to learn and setup cloud 9 for their professional use …..

    again thank you very much…

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