4 thoughts on “Installing MongoDB on the VPS server: 01 – Hosting Services Overview

  1. Link to the Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWkguCWKqN9OqgXpU7Vc_7iZqcE9K1tbY
    Please suggest topics for my next tutorials!

  2. Congratulations man for the videos, I searched all over the internet looking for material to install mongodb on my server, but without success. I followed several tutorials and nothing, until I found your videos, helped me a lot. The only way I could pay for them was by liking them and subscribing to their channel. I don't speak English, I'm Brazilian and the only material that really helped me was yours.

  3. Wonderful series. Thanks for your time and effort, Bogdan.
    Super job.
    You really deserve far more subscribers !

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