25 thoughts on “Install WordPress using cPanel | GoDaddy

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  2. I already bought c panel and have go daddy but I have old word press account never set up, can't find tutorials on this problem

  3. Yeah, you go to installatron now.. same place wordpress symbol is in this video.. then you install wordpress from there.

  4. Very helpful video, took me where I needed to get to and the the rest was self explanatory though I am using the updated version. Thank you so much!!

  5. I'm getting a "403 Forbidden

    Request forbidden by administrative rules." after installing. How do I log into wordpress?

  6. Thank you for posting this fantastic video. It's an easy install. One of my plugins told me, a stranger tried to type some strange with my domain address. Let me give an example. www.example.com/deleteme.wpqt2v.php and www.example.com/deleteme.wpsewx.php I guess he tries to delete my website or something. It looks not right to me. So I did already block his IP address and the network range from one of my plugin and Cpanel's IP block. Few hours was quiet then that person is still back and continues to do that.

    How can I stop or block him to do that? I don't want to him destroy my hard work to built a beautiful website.

  7. ! A test of the selected domain has failed (HTTP error: 403).

    Installatron is unable to install on a domain that is not resolving/loading to this web account.

    If this is a new web hosting account, or if this is a newly registered domain, please allow up to 24 hours for the domain to begin working (though usually within a few hours).

    If you're sure that the domain is correctly loading to your web account, contact your web hosting administrator.

    Technical Error: [1] Written file `/home/q86cvuasv7yh/public_html/v2/deleteme.chaiuzow.php' not accessible at

  8. If you want to buried in SPAM use GODADDY. Nearly all of the SPAM domains I receive are registered with Godaddy. Are they selling your email address? AND THEY REFUSE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT

  9. I used Gocentral and instantly regretted it. I'm trying to find out how to switch over, but cannot find anything on it except how to stop the renewal..

  10. This is BS you have to pay for this which would be fine if they told you that at the beginning so another 100 or so out ofyour pocket you can no longer install you have to subscribe.

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