28 thoughts on “Install PHP website on Google Cloud Platform

  1. I struggled for a few days trying to figure out how to do this before I watched your video. I initially tried using Firebase to serve my php website, but that was a huge mistake as they only make it easy for static websites. I tried so many workaround for dynamic web hosting on Firebase but nothing worked.. This video was so informative and helpful, a huge thumbs up from me. Thank you for saving me so much trouble and grief!!

  2. The Prophet Mohammed says the best among you are those who have knowledge and shares it with others.
    Thank you very much, now i can start using Google Cloud

  3. I set this up a few months ago without any problems. Today I wanted to make an extra lampstack for test some new stuff and I can't get the ssh keys to work. I even tried making a new project for the vm but it still says the ssh key is not in the correct format and it breaks the code into 4 pieces. I have no idea what its doing.

  4. Awesome Tutorial: But can you please tell me about MySQL database part, my PHP website has also database queries, How to export local data from database to online. So that it properly works online properly. Thanks 🙏

  5. "ssh-keygen -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/keyname -C username" this is not working on my windows command prompt please help

  6. hi, I can not find my ssh key where it stored, what is username here, i have used root, is it my computer username, please help

  7. "ssh-keygen -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/keyname -C username" this is not working on my windows command prompt please help

  8. Awesome tutorial. I'm just wondering if the solution to use Lamp Stack costs $5.13 a month? (as shown in your video) Or is this a free solution? Thank you.

  9. This tutorial was one of the most helpful ever. So cool I got my entire website running on google cloud in an afternoon for free. Thank you. I only had problem with the ssl encryption until I realized I didn't check allow https and http on my firewall setting for my virtual machine. Moving on to the next big thing!

  10. U sir, are great. if U showed us to make the same, but using buckets, SQL server and Commits from local machine that would be great, only a few explains this so nicely.

  11. hey man, is there a way to use php mail() on google cloud or is there any alternative to send contact forms email? That is being a tough problem I cant solve.

  12. This is exactly what I needed. Thank you sir. Only thing left is to show how to connect and manage the MySQL database locally 😉

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