48 thoughts on “InfinityFree web hosting – HONEST REVIEW

  1. So, let me list everything you said about InfinityFree.

    -Slow Loading
    -Can't backup

    So, slow loading cause is probably because your DNS resolver is slow, get CloudFlare and it also depends on where you are.

    How are they lying? The 99.9% uptime part? That is "too good to be true"? I have used InfinityFree for months and never had downtime. Plus, you get FREE 400 MySQL Databases, infinity disk space and infinity bandwidth.

    Can't backup? Keeping your files safe and intact is your responsibility. Sure, some game servers do allow backups, but it's so simple to backup, just download the site files off FTP and keep it safe.

    I'd say you haven't used InfinityFree at all.

  2. Right Profree host is also similar
    My website got suspended and cannot even access cpanel
    All the free hostings are similar I think don't waste time on free hosting

  3. I used it for two weeks infinity free was awfully slow but I said it's ok since its free
    however when I uploaded it to Google search console it converted my whole site into ads and I can't access the site in anyway

    my website (animedono.ml)

  4. Thank you for this review. I just registered for infinityfree. Based on this review, I don't think I will build my website. Do you have any suggestions where to host? Thanks for your time.

  5. Guys i tested that yesterday and i managed to load 70 MB of data to the site. BUT for a strange reason the website i was building got redflag by google!! So i was wondering if the sites that you are building with them are prone to malicious software uploads!??

  6. can anyone tell me how long it took for their website (hosted with infintyfree) to start showing in google search results. I made the website & have also added some blogs in it but it doesnt show in search results when i search it (only appears when i enter it in the address bar). It has been 2 days since i made the website. please I would really appreciate if anyone can help me on this

  7. My Experience:

    Your account was Temporarily Suspended

    Your account was suspended because you hit the Entry Process Limits. Learn more about this limit.

    Your account will be reactivated automatically in 23 hours from now.

    Don't want to wait any longer? iFastNet can migrate your website quickly and for free, even if your account is suspended!

  8. Guys is Infinityfree websites meant to be dead slow? Mine doesn't load till about 25 seconds after! And I only got one picture and my logo on it (with cache and pre-load enabled). Will a CDN help?

  9. It works very fine for me.
    Using this for 3 months. Never got deactivated. Page loads very quick. Its the best free hosting ever. Trust me. Give it another shot.

  10. I just need it for a professional email address. I am not going to pay 6 euros per month for having an email address and sending 1 email a month because email marketing at the beginning is going to be like that

  11. Infinity free host is really imposter… Guy's never go for infinity free host if you are doing real-time website. It suspends at the end of the day…,😔😡😡. I repeat never… Thanks brother for your honest review

  12. What do you expect from FREE? lol . I'm using their free hosting right now to host a knowledge base website for a company and i have 0 deactivation history for 4 days now. Way back 6 years ago you can only find a freehosting site in chinese deepweb and you have to manually translate the settings lol.. We're lucky nowadays to have InfinityFree. But if your trying to make a video streaming or file hosting website, you better pay for a better service of course.

  13. Hi, thanks for heads up, which free hosting you prefer then and how should I come out of this s…? Thanks

  14. i was used this hosting site … and i think he doesn't know very well to make a review video .
    this site deactivated account for i/o limit ….
    or daly Processor use.
    and i was buckup couple of times my wordpress site that's size 1.5 gigabyte.
    if anyone try to backup your site using ftp . it's took 5 to 6 hour for 300mb file . and failed transfer data you can buckup in last .
    also if you use wordpress . there you found lot's of plugin to buckup your site and it's work pretty well.
    i just suspend 2 time when i try to edit my site online on this site .
    than i got a solution for that .. i complete my site on localhost then upload it. otherwise you can suspended for 24 hours if you try to customise you site online..And does not suspend very quickly. In my case they suspended after 4 to 5 hours of editing. After 24 hours it goes activated.

  15. Thanks for the Video. I was about to sign in and I found your video. Thought I should see this last video. When I saw it, I really didn't like what I saw.

    Thanks for helping. I'd rather go with something good even if it costs money.

  16. Thanks! I was in the process of signing up with them after seeing the TechRadar webpage but now I won't be.

  17. I started using Infinity this morning. I've been pissed about by so many web hosting companies who I have paid, I decided to try a free one. Nothing to lose really. If they are OK I might even pay them. I went to your website and it loaded very fast.

  18. I have a question about coding with html. I always code with the web page on one half of the screen, and my coding program on the other half, so the page looks fine as I'm coding, but when I go to full screen, everything that had a position will shift down, how to I make it where everything stays in place or fits the persons screen

  19. omg! i am having a problem in backing up!!! and my problem is "FAILED.. FILE INCOMPLETE" when I am already trying to download my back up files, i have used 3 kinds of migratin tool but it is being cut somewhere and I need the website very bad to be transfered to my client and I am doomed to upgrade to their so-called premium hosting from ifast.net which i dont think is a good idea, can u help me please?

  20. Hi, for clarification:
    Hits are not unique visitors. Hits are the amount of resources requested.

    Also, you were suspended for hitting the I/O limit, you don‘t even need many visitors to hit that. I/O is basically disk read and write – so if you are often moving things, uploading etc. or you have a script (like a forum), you will generate a lot of I/O load.

    The only problem is that you don‘t understand what the I/O means, also the graph you showed is daily, and the last time it was suspended was a while ago, you can always contact the staff team on why you were suspended.

    Also, Infinityfree is not lying, you simply have no clue how some things work in the scenes of hosting. Regarding FTP, these issues have been resolved per upgrades to the system.

  21. My website hosted on their servers, check it out and see how long it takes you to load it
    ps: I will be moving to another host but will leave this one up for as long as they allow it.

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