Improve Video Quality in Foundry with Jitsi

Improve Video Quality in Foundry with Jitsi

We’re going over how you can improve your webcam video/voice quality in Foundry today! This will be a bit of a technical video but I’ve done everything I can to make it simple and easy to follow. Let’s give it a try!

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SSH Guides:

SSL Info:

Copy/Paste Bits (YouTube won’t let me include some of the necessary characters in the description):

00:00:00 – Intro with Before/After Video Quality
00:01:36 – What You’ll Need
00:03:30 – Setting up SSH with PuTTY
00:05:23 – Installing Jitsi on DigitalOcean
00:06:23 – Adding our SSH key to DigitalOcean
00:07:10 – Pointing our domain to our server
00:08:23 – Connecting to our server via SSH
00:09:10 – Updating our server
00:10:03 – Initial Jitsi configuration
00:10:57 – Enabling Foundry to connect to server
00:12:23 – Securing our Jitsi server
00:14:20 – Setting Foundry to use our server
00:16:20 – Using Jitsi as our personal Zoom
00:16:40 – Common issues
00:17:18 – Outro/What’s coming up!

40 thoughts on “Improve Video Quality in Foundry with Jitsi

  1. It would be really great if you made a video showing how to create an SSL certificate. I am so lost. followed this nice and easy but cannot get it functional.

  2. Great video…. sad to say this is way too involved, and the chances of me getting through all these steps without running into errors is near impossible. I just want to play D&D on Foundry. I can still host games on the Forge without taking it to this depth of complications, yes?! Maybe just use discord for audio and video? I have a couple players with low bandwidth.

  3. I just want to use the inbuilt A/V option on Foundry and I am a moron who doesn't understand all this stuff. So frustrating. I went onto the foundry website and it discusses config folders (no idea what or where that would be) and changing files titled options.json!?! No idea. Using discord for audio just wipes out all of the music ive added within the foundry system. I am beyond fed up.

  4. Another great Tutorial! Thank you!
    I was able to get going along all the way, but hit a snag at the adding user. At the 13:34 mark you command:
    "prosodyctl register foundry $JITSI_DOMAIN MySecretPassword"
    I get a
    "-bash: [email protected]: event not found"

  5. At 4:40 PuTTY instead asked me to choose a file location. The /.ssh folder didn't exist. Just FYI. I assume this won't lead to problems in my installation…

  6. PuTTY is NOT extremely old. Actually the last version was released this year! It is just not a noob toy and therefore it is minimalistic and without bullshit.

  7. Hey! Cheers from Brazil! So…. I accidentally put the wrong domain address inside Putty, instead of "" I put "Jitsi Server", and now I don't know how to change that. Can you help me, please?

  8. Hey, Matt. Thank you so much for the amazing work you've done to distill this complicated setup into a video guide. I'm writing with a question. I've completely hit a wall in setting up the SSL Certificate and the SSL Private Key in Foundry. I've followed all the steps in your video. My Jitsi Server is hosted on Digital Ocean and I have a Google domain. I'm using macOS Catalina. The SSL guide doesn't provide quite the hand-holding I need. Any guidance you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

  9. This is now apparently broke in Foundry 0.6.6 just talked with others that followed your instructions, and they will not work on the latest release.

  10. This used to work, until it doesn't. Now it complains about a focus error.

    Resolution: In /etc/prosody/conf.avail/mydomain.cfg.lua, change both occurances of storage = "none" to storage = "memory" and restart prosody service

    Also, if installing into Ubuntu 20.04, run these before running the let's encrypt script:
    sudo apt install certbot -y
    sudo sed -i 's/./certbot-auto/certbot/g' /usr/share/jitsi-meet/scripts/

  11. Hey! Great videos and I'm hoping to switch over soon. Quick question, not sure if you answer it in any videos but I haven't seen yet. How much can I expect to spend all together for this stuff? I know Foundry is $50, and you mention the domain is like $12, are there any other hidden costs I need to be aware of? Thanks!

  12. got this setup and it worked great for two sessions then nothing. None of my players are able to connect to the a/v stream. I've tested going directly to the jitsi meet page (as mentioned in your video around 16:00) and creating a test meeting to see if we can connect there; and there is an error that keeps popping up in console and both users just keep getting an error with "reconnecting in x seconds" countdown. Error in console: [conference.js] <te._onConferenceFailed>: CONFERENCE FAILED: conference.videobridgeNotAvailable

    I am at a loss on how to troubleshooot, tbh. Any ideas? There is at least one other GM in the Foundry discord having this same issue.

  13. Hi again, Matt. I’ve got my Jitsi server up and running with no issues on my end, thanks to your great tutorial. I can see and hear myself no problem. Do I need to provide my players with any Jitsi-related info for them to be able to join the A/V chat? As of now, just having them log into my game is not enough for them to connect to Jitsi. They’re getting no video on their end.

  14. Great video, Matt! One of many on your channel; I think you're the unofficial FoundryVTT YouTube ambassador. 😀 Question for you: I'm considering switching over to the Forge for hosting. Is the setup for Jitsi the same? What about for the built-in A/V (which I've already successfully enabled for my home server)?

  15. Thx for the vid! I have tried the jitsi module. It already uses a jitsi server on default. But some members seems to have really bad vid quality. So, does it help setting up your own jitsi server or whats the advantage/difference?

  16. Is Jitsi working for everyone right now, because it's not working for me (on its own or within Foundry)? Nothing has changed on my end that I'm aware of.

  17. Is it possible to go back and change your password for the Jitsi server at a later date? I was messing around with Putty trying to figure it out, but I'm at a loss.

  18. Hi Matt, I made a mistake at 00:10:18 in your video: I entered only the subdomain name, not the entire domain. And now I'm unable to return to that stage and set the "hostname of the current installation" to my domain name. I would be very grateful for your guidance. Thank you!

  19. This was such a great video!
    I would love to learn how to host my game on my own domain so my players can got to my <> and join the session!

  20. Thank you for this video. I want to try this now 🙂 However I'm wondering if I could use the same server / instance to host foundry and jitsi?

  21. Great video, thanks so much for making this video Matt! Enabling a Jitsi server is a really great option that I'm thrilled is available.

  22. Thank you so much, this was easy to follow! I had been mooching on the Jitsi public servers and they shut that down with some CORS recently, I guess too many folk coming in with their Foundry instances :).

  23. Hi. Thanks for this. I'm a Mac user and was doing just fine up until you returned to PuTTY to add the SSL connection. Do I need to install PuTTY or is there another process for Mac users?

  24. Great guide and still helpful for setting up Jitsi even if going to be used with other VTTs.
    Just a note: Nginx is pronounced "Engine X"

  25. This is great, thank you! Already have Foundry up and running on Digital Ocean, will try and get this up on the same droplet.

  26. I always use Discord and just for voice…we all know what our gaming friends look like and that allows Foundry to run smoothly.

  27. Perfect timing! I got stuck setting this up last night the last step in your video helped me find my mistake. Works great now!

  28. Hey everyone did you know Matt has a Patreon? Another awesome video a Matt!

  29. This is A+, as are all of your other Foundry videos. You are a big reason why I'm using Foundry now, and my players love it. I look forward to setting this up and getting into the technical details.

  30. I'm glad you are getting into some of the more technical bits of foundry's capabilities. Do you think you'll do a video on using the S3 integration? I've looked into as a solution for my own games but I'm finding it hard to wrap my head around.

  31. Great video! Love the technical videos and would love to see more. Then again I'm a programmer so I may have some bias 😆

  32. @EL. I love your videos to death. "This will probably be one of my most technical videos" – bring it, not skipping things definitely helps people get a realistic perspective of what self-hosting is going to take.
    Notes: SSH encrypts anonymous communication. Passwords authenticate non-encrypted information. Using both approaches a secure connection. 🙂
    1st Question: Jitsi is open source, I have an excellent network connection. Is it feasible to self-host jitsi?
    2nd Question: why do in-VTT video? Is there a compelling reason do do this over discord video or something else like zoom (on the assumption zoom price isn't a problem) ?

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